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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Thursday, 12 February 2009

More Bits & Pieces a catch up

Thanks to J, I have discovered Lindt Chilli Dark Chocolate:
Excellence Chili
This combination of fine dark chocolate with exquisite chilli pepper delivers an absolutely unique taste experience. When savouring this new creation, chocolate connoisseurs will experience how the initially mild, delicate flavour of cocoa gradually gives way to a full-bodied but harmoniously spicy touch. Seductively piquant!
And it has been relegated, along with Belgian Chocolate Hagen Dazs as an orgasmic equivalent foodstuff. YUM!

Last night the boys were with their dad for dinner. I ran to yoga, had a fabulous yoga class, one of those ones where you just zone out from everything else and really get immersed in the moment and really enjoy it. No watching the clock or worrying about anything else at all. I even did the Scorpion pose after an extended head stand! Then while I was running back from yoga, feeling super relaxed and happy, I literally ran over a R10 note lying in the street. Score. I have previously found a crisp R20 note lying in the gutter while I was out running one evening. See running clearly pays. *groan* ;)


Last week I went to see the new Coen Brothers movie Burn After Reading with J. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a hoot! It was very well acted by Brad Pitt, John Malcovich and George Clooney. A few lines and actions in that movie were hillarious. But you had to be there.. ;) "You are part of a league of morons." Being one I am likely to be able to use often.

The boys went to Up the Creek with their dad this past week-end, and by the sounds of things had quite a bit of fun. So I spent the week-end with J. We had a fantastic sushi dinner overlooking Simon's Town harbour on Friday night. On Saturday I did a 12km run/walk around the area while he was on a shoot and then spent the afternoon reading, shopping and making bran & banana muffins etc. Once his kids arrived we went down to the local river valley for a braai with friends until the storm (complete with thunder & lightning) rolled in and we retreated home. Where I was told I had to read the bedtime story, and then also stay till they were asleep. I dutifully obliged until a little boy voice said 'You know it is quite annoying having a big adult in the way when you are trying to go to sleep...'. I took that as my cue to leave. LOL.

Sunday was J's son's birthday. After muffins, opening and playing with presents, we went to the beach where we played in the water and found all sorts of sea life in the rock pools. Then home for smoothies and lunch. After that I left so they could go off to the birthday boy's party. I made my way to Kirstenbosch, because I had won tickets from posting cool pictures from the Parlotones concert on the Facebook group. YAY! : )

I was on my own since no one was willing or able to join me. *sulk* It was actually exactly what I needed though. A bit of quiet time to myself. I relaxed in the gardens in the very welcome cool shade, read a trashy UK magazine, and sipped a bottle of bubbly for an hour or so. Then I watched the Arno Carstens Summer Sunset Concert. Arno is pretty hot, well actually he was VERY hot on the day (just look at all that sweat!)

He is very good. I have seen him perform (as part of the Springbok Nude Girls) twice before, about 10 years ago. He is not as good as my beloved Parlotones though ;)

Then back home via some grocery shopping to meet the boys who had retuned from their fun week-end adventure. They had a wonderful time on the Breede River and were just disappointed to have slept through the Dirty Skirts performance. Oh well, we'll be seeing them next month, at, you guessed it Kirstenbosch!

Quinn lost another tooth over the week-end. He has lost a total of 8 teeth now. The last 2 happened while he was away from home and the tooth mouse was not informed and he has therefore not had any money for them... how many teeth does the tooth mouse pay for anyway? I told him 12 sounds right to me...? He stopped believing in this stuff ages ago! So I am not going to be conned in to paying for all 24-28 teeth!

Poor Griffin has only lost 2 teeth so far! And doesn't even have any more loose ones. Shame he is waiting patiently, but I do love those little milk teeth, they are so perfect and cute. It's a pity we have to get those ruddy big gnashers afterwards!

My washing machine decided to start packing in recently, to add to the long list of things which have broken and need repairing & replacing in the past few months. So I have now replaced it and sold the old one for cheap-cheap. It was the Wedding present from my dad. I had it for 11 years... Now just the sewing machine needs to be repaired. See I was being literal, and not rude, with my recent FaceBook status, all you DIRTY minds out there! :P


  1. I discovered Woolies Chilli Dark Chocolate a while ago and I LOVE it. I will definitely have to go and purchase some of the Lindt stuff tho - they're ten times better...YUM

  2. Lucky fish! Arno rocks! I still don't understand why he hasn't played one of our staff parties.