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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Week-end Adventure - Part 1 - Getting There

Now that I am done being sick and sulky...

I had a rather nice week-end this past week-end. Although I did not take a single photo. Not even ONE! *gasp*

The boys were off camping with dad. So J invited me to join him up in Mossel Bay where he was away working. After exploring both driving, flying and getting-a- lift options to no avail I decided to catch a bus - by far the cheapest option too. I ended up taking the whole day off on Friday, which gave me time to drop the boys at school and even take them right into their class rooms etc. Then I had a nice run, sorted out Roxy (which was a minor panic until we made a plan for our nanny to take her for the week-end), and packed. At lunch time I drove to Rondebosch station, where I parked my car and caught a train to Cape Town Station (First Class at Tiny's insistence. Apparently I wouldn't survive in 3rd class. Pah, I've hopped on 3rd class plenty of times! I am not afraid of public transport, or mixing with the common folk. Ek is self lekker kommon man!).

Anyhoo I arrived at Cape Town Central Station and cruised around the Station Flea Market lugging my wheelie suitcase behind me. This resulted in many a North African immigrant wanting to 'help me'. I had to insist I was local and not in need of any help, nor another suitcase thanks! D'oh. Anyway it was quite fun and all. I also walked through Clicks where the security guard thought it necessary to follow my every move - he probably thought I was planning on loading up my suitcase or something. LOL. I bought a few drinks and snacks and a crap magazine for my journey.

Finally I made my way to my bus, where in true African style we left a good 30 mins late. The bus was packed with Eastern Cape locals. Quite a motley bunch at that. I was one of 3 whiteys on the whole bus. The one being an old wrinkled and pretty poor-looking woman and the other looked like a student. Again this doesn't bother me at all. I like new experiences and adventures and I have no delusions of grandeur or superiority. Mass transit for all say I! LOL.

Look the bus ticket cost around R120, the flight would have cost like R1700 and with all the time wasted before and after a flight it would have taken about the same amount of time, except I would have landed up in George and would still have had to get to Mossel bay! So it was a no brainer. Ja ok, I'm a cheap skate whatever. :P

I was snooty enough to commandeer 2 seats though and spread myself out territorially. I even managed to keep those 2 seats to myself the whole way! Quite an achievement I tell you. At one point (you can't believe (J-Z reference in case you don't get it (fark I am digressing in my digressions now too!))) I had to pretend to be asleep to avoid having to move up to share MY seats with new people who were boarding somewhere en route (Wellington or something), teehee I am bad.

Anyway my 6 hours bus ride was surprisingly pleasant, I read my magazine, ate my fruit and listened to music on my iPOD. It was actually pretty nice to have a long stretch of time to just sit and think and be, with nothing to do, and no where to go. I really enjoyed the head space.

I finally arrived in Mossel Bay at 9pm, where J kindly collected me. So I didn't have to hike 10km across town to find him. He's nice like that :P

We went back to his hotel. The Mossel Bay Protea Hotel where he had been given the Presidential Suite. Excuse me! Holy crap it is flippen yoooge! Clearly hot-shot photographers are used to a far more luxurious life style than me, on my bus with the lowly masses LOL. It really is an full apartment with 2 large bedrooms - the main room has a king sized bed, bathroom with spa bath, large living room, kitchen & scullery and balcony etc. Oh and it's higher than the rest of the hotel, kind of a loft, and so has a gorgeous view over the bay. *swoon*


  1. You are fabulous darling Jane... and the hotel made up for the funny bus trip... I would also have taken the bus!

  2. You lucky cow! That room looks AMAZING!

  3. Looks like you were spoiled with your awesome room.

  4. wow, snazzy! it sounds like a jol!