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Friday, 13 February 2009

Griffin - School Update & Merit Badge

This post is way overdue...

Griffin seems to have settled well into big school. He gets dressed each morning without a fuss and just needs help with his shirts top button, which is admittedly pretty difficult to button, what with the stiff collar and all.

I still help with his tie on most days, but other days he slips it off and then on again the next morning. He knows how to tighten it himself. I think I should be able to teach him to tie a simple tie knot in the next month or 2. (Quinn had learned by term 2 of Grade 1.)

He helps to get his lunch and bag ready and then when we arrive at school he hops out of the car and holds Quinn's hand while they cross the road together. This is done right next to me and I supervise this from my car. He is enjoying school and after-care and is happy as a lark each day when I go to collect him. When we get home he unpacks his bag and brings me his notices. He is really being helpful and very organised for the most part.

The photo below was taken one morning about a week into school. He came to me to proudly show me that he had completely dressed himself...

The school has a merit system - which I have written about before. Griffin managed to win this in the second week. It was awarded to him for 'Listening Well and working Quietly at His Desk'. I was very impressed and happy to hear that. Well done big boy! He got to wear it for a week. He was so proud of himself that he pinned it onto his after-care clothes each afternoon too, so he could maximise the time he had to wear it.


  1. Brilliant Work Griffin. You must be very proud. What a big boy.

  2. He looks proud as punch. What a treasure.

  3. Well done to Griff!!
    I love the merit system.

  4. Well done to him! You must be so proud!