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Monday, 2 February 2009

'Religious' Studies at school

I am rather impressed that with the revised curriculum we now have the option to send Quinn to:
- Christian Studies
- Moslem Studies
- Request some other religion's teaching (pending demand and availability I guess)
- Free Reading Time

After chatting to Quinn about it, at a fair amount of length, and with no coercion from me (I went so far as to explain that even if you are going to reject an idea, ethos or philosophy, it is still worth learning about it first before you make that decision, so that your decision is informed. And we also spoke at length about religious tolerance and respecting o
ther's beliefs and practices); Well he has decided to forgo the religious instruction and attend the reading lesson *.

That said,
I believe in having knowledge and tolerance of all religions.

I told Quinn that even if he chooses not to believe, it doesn't mean he must assume he is right and others are wrong. And it is not his place to tell them they are wrong, or try to make them change their minds either.

I told him it's 'like' Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny in a way (by way of explanation, please don't be offended by my analogy) in that if someone believes in them, and is happy in their belief of it, it is not our place to tell them that they don't exist. Nor to tell them they are silly to believe, because that is their personal choice. And anyway we don't know for SURE anyway.

I told him that if I for instance believe in pink bunnies in the sky with big fluffy tails (the sniggering started from him, and I had to explain that that was what I meant, he can't laugh in the face of people's beliefs, no matter how absurd they may seem to him...) and that me thinking of my pink bunnies with fluffy tails in the sky made ME feel better and made my life happier, then that is a valid belief for ME, and it would not be nice for someone to shatter my belief, no matter how silly it seems to them.

Anyway that's my stance on the matter.

If he persists with the reading option I will include various religious philosophy options in there too. So info ABOUT each religion without being taught that religion. kwim? Each religion does have nice principles and moral/ethical lessons and life philosophy included, and those are all good.

(*FWIW: I am pretty sure Griffin will choose the Christian option when he gets there - fwiw - and that is his prerogative)


  1. That is really cool that they offere that!!!

    I am trying to teach my kids the same thing about religion!

  2. this school is rather famous! i was at a braai over the weekend and everyone seemed to know about it. i was stunned i had never known about it before you.

  3. Just saying Hi! ALL blogs have been blocked at work which is most frustrating.

  4. Nash: yep it is a well known school. I knew about it and the pass rates etc before I even moved (back) to Cape Town. I had it ear marked as my school of choice before I even had children ;)

    I really like it a lot, it is an excellent school.

  5. I just love reading how you explain stuff to your kids! At their level, but making sense to adults too. If I had kids, I'd be taking stuff from here to tell them, lol!

  6. its cool they have the option i think.