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Friday, 21 December 2007

Adderley Street Christmas Market

We just spent the evening at the Adderley Street Christmas Market and Lights.

This is how it's done.

First: You have to get ready, with lots of giggling.... To look like this!
Quinn has 'spikey hair', Griffin has 'Tuxedo hair':

Then we get there, walk around and look at the lights:

Then eat popcorn drink cold drink and walk all around the market finally buying a trick bubble gum dispenser to add to your magic collection. Mom decides to be a sport and graciously accepts the stick of 'bubblegum' you offer, only to scream like a frightened banshee when she realises the thing REALLY kicks. (Yoh! My arm went lame for a while, that thing is vicious!)

Then you have to buy yourself an ice-cream:

Then enter a dance competition. Surprise your family by dancing really well despite being the only whitey entering, and being shy, and being from a family of dancing retards - AND WIN a BIG heart shaped sucker for your cute robotic sliding movements:

and give it to mommy!

Very Happy Very Happy


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  1. Hehe love those first photos. WTG to your newest dance champ ;)