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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Spontaneous Ratanga Junction Day

Yesterday morning on the spur of the moment while eating breakfast I decided to take the kids to Ratanga. I don't think they have ever got dressed, brushed their teeth, packed a bag and jumped in the car so fast!

Throughout the day Griffin kept saying, 'Thank-you mommy for having this idea today. This is SOOO fun!'

Here are some pics:
Waiting in the queue:

Saying hi to Murphy the Mongoose:


Quinn flying a barrel!

About to go on the Bushwacker - do we look a bit nervous!?

Zooming around in bumper cars:

On the river boat:

Crocodile water ride:

Brothers AND Friends

It was a really fun day out! We went home happy and exhausted
While there Quinn bought himself a set of Magic Tricks with some of his birthday money, and now he is learning how to be a convincing magician. His first trick was bargaining the price down from R150 to R88! I didn't have that much cash on me - and I was hoping that meant we didn't have to buy it. He went off and negotiated with the magician that he could buy it for R100. He then came back and convinced me, and when we hauled out all our change it came to R88, so he went back and bargained some more, until he got it. He came back grinning and saying the man agreed, but we mustn't tell anyone... oh, oops!

That child has the negotiating power of a politician I tell you!


  1. They look very nervous in the Bushwacker pic. LOL! Looks like it was a great day out.

  2. Jane, looks like you had a fab day!

  3. Aw Jane, your two boys are so cute...I love that pic titled Brothers AND friends. Lovely to see siblings getting on so well.

  4. Good on him for bargaining down the price!