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Saturday, 15 December 2007

The party was a great success!

Ok the party is over and it was FANTASTIC!

The weather was perfect. Slightly breezy but the place was sheltered enough for it not to matter. Thankfully there were not huge throngs of people there at all it was just comfortably and busy with a festive vibe.

We got 2 large tables and space on the grass, and although we had 30+ kids there - I lost count in the end and I only had to pay for 25 but there were at least 30 (some extra siblings joined in because they also wanted to be there) Wink and about 15-20 adults, it was so relaxed and easy going.

The kids just ran and ran and ran from water slide to water slide. I didn't have a single moan, niggle, demand or issue with them, not once! Shocked Everyone just got a long and got on with having fun.

I had to haul them all in after a solid 2 hours to cut the cake and get them to eat or drink something, after that they were gone again until their parents dragged them off home.
My kids were there and on the slides for 4 solid hours.

I would actually really recommend the venue, it works out really cheap too.

Anyway I was very slack about pics, I totally forgot until we got the cake going, and then a dad took these.

I don't have a single one on the waterslides Confused

I'm dead tired but it was well worth it and great fun!

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  1. I think having a birthday party at a water park is a brilliant idea! It sounds like everyone had a great time...well done mom. Now go to bed early tonight, you must be tired :)