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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Lazy summer days at the beach

Well although we have never been into the beach much before it seems we are finally staring to become beach people after all....

I took the boys to Fish Hoek beach the day after Christmas - and got horribly burned. It was a cool day and I foolishly decided to actually sit out in my swimsuit. I normally stay covered up. My skin just can't handle the sun. I am still really red and sore 3 days later.

Quinn however now LOVES swimming in the sea and I have to call him back because he goes out further then anyone else! He's become a real aqua boy (a far cry from the baby that hated the cold, sand, wind and waves )

Here are photos from that day:

Then they went shopping with their Birthday party Sportsman's Warehouse vouchers this morning and both chose Boogie boards. So we packed a late afternoon picnic and went to Camps Bay to try them out and watch the sunset.

On the way home I spontaneously decided to go to Bacinis for a pizza dinner. YUM! We haven't been there since Q was under a year old... their pizza is delicious.

Here are photos from today:

We are actually having a wonderful holiday despite 'just' staying at home
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  1. Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful day!