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Friday, 7 December 2007

Work work busy busy

So as most (or at least some) people know, I have had another job change.

Much as I'd like to be able to work full time in my pregnancy/birth related fields, it is not financially viable right now, and so I have to 'stick to my knitting' and keep working a day job for now. I'd really really like to stay involved in my doula stuff and even see if I can build on it to make it sustainable at some point, but for now I have to focus on a new job, one which is full time.

Although my previous position was reasonably flexible time-wise, it was becoming quite unbearable and stressful, and I had started waking up dreading going in to work. Never a good sign. (I wish the company well though and I hope they do manage to sort out the issues and move forward positively.) Also, if I am to be working in a regular day job, I wanted to be doing proper Project Management again, which is where my skill and experience lies. I think the fact that my previous role was pretty murky and difficult to measure added to the problems.

So after taking a short time off, which was pretty busy anyway with family crises, Richard being away, and all the end of school term and year activities, I have just started a new job at a new company this week. Not great timing AT ALL, since it coincides with the Summer Holidays, and the kids are off for 6 weeks. I am now trying to learn the ropes anew, but what could I do??

Anyway since I am in the deep end here and busy learning how to sink or swim, I am a little scarce in my usual on-line jaunts atm. This is why. From what I can tell so far, I can expect things to remain pretty hectic here! But at least the work should be relatively enjoyable and satisfying.

Here is some of Quinn's school books and examples of his work from Grade 2 this year.

These are his main school books for the year - which he decorated.
This is an example of the work he does.
My work is far less colourful or interesting ;)

I am hoping I will have time to play and relax in December too, but right now I am feeling rather fraught. I had a mini panic yesterday thinking Christmas was 10 days away already... luckily I was wrong and it's 18 days away... much better ;) I am going to have to plan, plan, schedule, schedule and be super organized to survive this ;)

p.s. I had another mini panic when I phoned the kid's party venue yesterday to confirm our party next week end only to be told they aren't allowing parties there this December! Because the place is too busy and crowded. I protested that I;d booked in October and the invites are sent and responded too. Luckilly I was listed as the exception, and our party will indeed proceed. Shew! But with warnings to expect mayhem there.....oh joy! Give me strength.


  1. Hope you'll be happy in your new job. It's nice learning new things, and being kept busy.
    I would hav freaked if a party venue told me that! Glad it's all organised now.

  2. Good luck with the party.
    Love the books, wish my son would haul out a pencil other than grey when he has to do his school stuff.

  3. All the best for your new job Jane - I have noticed you have been quiet on BN and now I know why :) I hope you settle in fast.

  4. The books are so cute. I love looking at Tristan's books.
    Enjoy the party and good luck for the new job.