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Friday, 14 December 2007

Party planner extraordinaire

Quinn & Griffin are having their combined birthday party tomorrow.

Their birthdays are about 6 weeks apart, and when I suggested we try a joint party this year they LOVED the idea. Also Quinn normally misses out a bit with his parties since his Birthday is on 3 January, so inevitably everyone is away on holiday and we only get a hand full of kids attending.

So this year we combined it, since they share many friends and other pairs of siblings anyway, and invited everyone, and it looks like pretty much everyone is coming!

It's a morning party, yikes so I have to get everything sorted tonight, I usually host them later in the day which gives me time to get my act together. I think I am mostly done now though...

I made the cake earlier this evening and thankfully it was much quicker and easier than I expected. YAY!

Quinn had wanted a lot of elaborate ideas like a super tube or entire water park cake - since the party is at the water slides - but I asked him to please try to keep it easy for me and he was happy to oblige so we settled on a sea/beach theme (instead of entire water park etc!). Of course finding sea decorations turned out to be much harder than I expected, but I looked for those last week end and ended up clocking an 11km run last Sunday hunting for them between Rondebosch, Claremont and Kenilworth and everywhere in between, where I looked in every super market and sweet shop I could find. I finally found the sharks and 4 star fish in a mixed tub at Cosmic Candy and got the sales lady to dig them out for me!

Anyway so here is the cake...

Will update after the party tomorrow.

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