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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Another tooth bites the dust...

Quinn lost another tooth today bringing his total to 5. This one was a biggie - literally and figuratively - it's the first of the big top front teeth.

He's been anticipating this one for a long time. When I arrived home from work he came running up to me breathless and excited to share his big news.

R20 is tucked in his pillow, and I guess if the other one, which is loose, goes in the next 3 weeks he will qualify to sing, 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'! ;)

I am a little sad as I love those cute little perfect milk teeth. Adult teeth are never as beautiful or pearly. Still it marks an important part of growing up.


  1. Congrats to Quinn...Quintus is STILL waiting to loose a tooth lol

  2. Wow, Quinn has been way later than everyone else. Griffin is 6 now and still doesn't have a loose tooth. I guess some kids are much later than others.

  3. He looks very cute with his top tooth missing....he is going to look even cuter if their are two missing!!!
    LOL at your last comment Jane about wanting his two front teeth for Christmas :)

  4. he looks cute man!
    i agree with you about the milk teeth - all little and cute