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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Mitchell's 10km Sundowner Race was a KILLER

(This bit written last night when I'd just got back from the race)
I am dead tired and drunk now... but somehow I did survive it.

I thought I was going to die, the race SUCKED badly. I was literally swearing in my head. It was hot hot hot, and dry and my calves were cramping and I didn't have fun... until it was over ...

I somehow finished in 54 mins 25 or so, despite having to walk twice because I was feeling like vomiting or dying....

Then we got no free beer, because SAPS decide to outlaw them giving us free beer!? *sulk* Anyway we just bought our own instead.

(The rest written today with some sanity and sobriety restored) ;)

Now that I have had time to recover I actually did think it was a great race. Nice venue, route and organization, and I was near enough to the front that I did get water at both the water points. (The people further back got little or nothing, which must have been awful.)

It was just the heat and myself that made it SUCK, and not the race itself that was bad in any way. But the amblers along the Seapoint promenade were annoying at times. I consider myself a pretty polite runner, I always look back before changing a line in case someone is trying to pass me, and always go around people and/or apologize and thank them if they need to move, but in some places pedestrians were walking 3 abreast with their backs to the on-coming mob. I mean REALLY. You can SEE there's a race, have some sense. I actually almost collided with one large man, and he still didn't step aside! Grrr.
Rolling Eyes Evil or Very Mad
I really wish water was provided at the end of races though, because I find that's when I really need a good chug of water, and I don't always want coke. I usually keep a water sachet in hand if I can so I can drink it as I finish.

Still the bought and paid for beer was GOOD As was the sushi and Oreos which followed!

Here are some pics:
Me with my friend from primary school who I found again at my second ever race last year! (Excuse all the sweat - I did say it was really hot, and I was literally DRIPPING.)

This one taken by Quinn


  1. Sorry the race was so crappy and how beer at the end :(
    Well done on persevering even though it was a killer. At least you were rewarded with sushi and oreo's afterwards - yum!

  2. You are racing lots lately. Keeps you motived hey? That race does sound kinda crappy. I mean come on - they didn't even have enough water for everyone?