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Monday, 11 May 2009

Spar Ladies Race Results - at last

Ok, 3 running posts in a row...

The Spar Ladies Race Results have also finally been published. (or at least I finally found them, I am not sure why they insist on hiding these results away and not publishing them where EVERY OTHER race results go, but whatever...) They are HERE.

So in this year's Spar Ladies Race where I ran my personal best time for a 10km race I did as follows:

The winner:
1 13094 KALMER RENE 28 O MRPRICE 35:22

148 15255 WEIDEMAN JANE TEMP 51:35

The last in:
4667 12613 MOUNEIMNE FARAH 22 O TEMP 2:32:15

Wow I came 148th!