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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Awesome New Salad Bar at work

The coolest new food place opened up at work.

It's a salad bar.

You choose a container (it's about 1 litre - so pretty big) with a base of either:
- Lettuce
- Spinach
- Pasta
- Couscous

Then when you get to the counter you chose one of:
- Grilled Chicken
- BBQ Chicken
- Smoked Chicken
- Smoked Turkey
- Tuna
- Roasted Veg

Then you Choose one of:
- Feta
- Blue Cheese
- Cottage Cheese
- Cheddar Cheese
- Olives

Then you chose 4 of:
- Tomato
- Corn
- Peas
- Beetroot
- Carrot
- Peppers
- Red Onion
- Cucumber
- Lentils
- Chickpeas
- Black Beans
- Croutons
- Crispy Onions

They mix it all together in a bowl with your base and with a choice of about 10 dressings.

Then you can have (free):
- Chilli
- Roasted Seeds (Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Flax)
On top.

It costs R35 but is freaking amazing and delicious, it is a large portion.
Today I got couscous with BBQ chicken, cottage cheese, corn, peas, chick peas and shredded beetroot, with a lemon and mustard dressing, and topped with seeds. So good and I have at least HALF left still in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch cos, I am stuffed. And I ate and ate and ate.

I am impressed.

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