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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back to school - not so smooth at first

I bought all our back to school stationery about 7-8 WEEKS ago, and tasked the boys with labelling and prepping everything over the holidays.

I bought wrapping paper, plastic, cello-tape and made and printed the cover labels for each of Griff's school books so he just had to cut them out and paste them on the books. I asked and reminded about it all LOTS of times.

I asked G at least 3 times since he got back from camp on the Sat afternoon before school started  if everything was done and packed and ready.

OMG I wanted to KILL him the night before school started night when he came to me, as I was all but passed out at 20:30, to tell me he has realised he had NOT done any book covering. I contemplated dragging myself up and doing an all-nighter and then though screw it. So I explained how it was squarely his own bloody fault and I was NOT helping and he'd have to go to school with all his books uncovered. Bloody hell, I was NOT amused.


Well it's turned out fine because they actually only need to be finished by Monday and on Wed evening he did the paper covers and labels on his own, and asked if I would just help him with the plastic please. I helped him to cover a few with plastic each morning last week - I have been waking up a bit earlier than I need to and feel relatively ok in the morning (way better than I do in the evenings anyway). While I was doing that he brought me a piece of toast to nibble on and packed a snack bag for my lunch (beautifully I might add. I got a tub of yogurt, a tub of grapes, a tub of cereal and a banana/apple/orange, packed in a lunch bag with an ice-brick!).

So it turned out to be a win-win and we helped each other through it. He is really such a sweet heart.

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