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Thursday, 23 January 2014

My boys are the best

Honestly I feel so mushy-hearted about my boys right now. They are so mature and easy-going and undemanding. I feel like I am being a pretty shitty/inadequate mom to them right now. I can barely manage to get food into the house never mind prepare it for them.

If anything they are mothering me and keeping the household going.

They get themselves home from school and sort out the stuff they need each day. Quinn cleans the pool. Griff waters the garden etc.

Yesterday I apologised to Quinn saying, 'I am so sorry I have been so pathetic and useless, hopefully from next week I'll be a bit better and can start making food and stuff again.'
Quinn, 'No it's ok mom I like cooking, don't worry about it'
And note he made some DELICIOUS pasta the other night. Screwy noodles with mushrooms and sauce which was as good as anything I have ever had a restaurant!

Every morning Griff comes in to make sure I am awake (alive) and gives me a wonderful cuddle, and then he'll ask if I need anything and if he can pack anything for my lunch.

How did I get this blessed and lucky!?

I love these guys!

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