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Thursday, 23 January 2014

It was twins... and then it wasn't

So I had a scan at 5-6 weeks and there were 2x sacs! OMG, no, that was not what I signed up for!!!

While twins always sounds cool and exciting I was not thrilled. I signed up for my dream pregnancy and birth experience. Twins would severely affect and limit that. 

Anyway I went of on holiday having to come to terms with the idea and kind of wishing for a 'vanishing twin'.

When I went back for my 8-9 weeks scan last week.

Here's what happened.

Dr starts the scan (rem this is my old regular gynae who has known me since Angelique's pregnancy so he knows ALL my history well)... starts scanning and he and I can clearly see a big sac and a much smaller sac.

In his words 'It looks like you always seem to get what you want...'. Because can you believe it, it is indeed a vanishing twin. He was pretty surprised and says the chance of that happening twice in a row is pretty rare. Although this one seems to have progressed way further (with Griff's one there was just a little empty sac) this one has a yolk sac and stuff still there, but is much smaller than the other. He reckons it will just reabsorb over the next few weeks - and/or I may have some spotting at some point.

The other one is big and growing on schedule according to dates  and had a heart beat etc.

So no twins. I/we have mixed feelings about it - since the idea is always pretty exciting - but the overall feeling is mostly relief, I think, as I don't think he nor I relished the practicalities of twins ito pregnancy/birth and beyond.

So now I have all the blood tests at 10 weeks and then the fetal anomaly scan at 13 weeks and then the rest of the planning can carry on.


  1. Oh I can testify that twins is not the pretty picture we are told in the media. I am dyng to know more of the details. Best of luck

  2. Thanks Cat. I have this weird feeling/fear that the other one is not vanishing and is actually growing! I think I'll be holding my breath at the next scan until I am sure! ;)