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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back to School 2014 - Gr 6 & Gr8

Quinn started High School last week. He seemed ready and confident and went off with no trouble at all. 

This is him on the first day of every school year since 2006...
Quinn - School Gr1-Gr8 2006-2014.jpg

And here's Griff from Grade 1- 6
Griffin - School Gr1-Gr6 2008-2014.jpg

This is both boys . 
Back to School 2014.jpg

I love that they both enjoy school and happily go off each year ready for a new adventure and challenge!

This year was the first year I didn't walk them into school because Quinn didn't really want me to, and Griff was quite happy to take himself in (and I couldn't find parking and felt really grim anyway...). I sort of regret not doing it anyway!

(It also would have helped me on Tuesday evening when I found myself at the school for Griffin's 'meet the teacher' meeting, only to realise I had no idea whose class he was in! Wow, oops. Talk about Parent of the Year - NOT! ;)

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