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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Men's Health Lighthouse 10km Challenge

So last night I did the Men's Health Lighthouse 10km Challenge for the first time and I had so much fun!!!

I managed to convince a bunch of people to do the race too. 2 ex colleagues that I used to joke around with and have mentioned in previous posts - S(ex manager) & J(tall Frenchie), then 3 others from work, and 2 other friends. (2 ended up bailing on the day though.)

The race was in Sea Point starting and ending at the Moullie Point Light House. So the usual Sea Point promenade route that the Gun Run and Mitchell's Brewery races use. It's flat and can be very windy and congested, but the conditions last night were good. It was hot but not killer and there was a nice gentle breeze.

To make things interesting I laid down the gauntlet by issuing a 'Beer Challenge' again, like I did at the Mitchell's Brewery Sundowner race in December. So the rules were; anyone I beat had to buy me a beer, and I had to buy for anyone that beat me. Now S and J are both well over 6ft tall, and in J's case I think he may well be over 6ft5! But that's not all, they are also training for Iron Man which is in a month, so they are not to be messed with.

We spent the day messaging and taunting each other and then joking about who gets to oggle who's ass during the run etc. It was quite funny. I told them not to worry and that I was taking lots of money because I thought there was no way I could beat them. I was just enjoying the jesting and challenge of it.

So we set off together and J was running next to me, while S started with his dad. I got a bit stuck in a bunch and after a minute or 2 J broke away and went on ahead. Dang! Oh well, I expected it.

At around 4km I saw him walking! So I ran past saying 'Hasta La Vista Bebe!'. Next thing I hear ominous plodding right on my heels and it was none other than J - like RIGHT in my footsteps. Of course I started running a bit faster and then accelerated trying to break away from him. By 6km he says 'I bow down in the wake of your stamina' to which I chirped, 'At this point I just want to get it over with'. His response was, 'That's the first time anyone has ever said that to me!' with feigned shock and horror.

Anyway I was getting tired just after the 6km mark, so he passed me. I took a 30sec walk break, while he wasn't looking, to prevent an immediate coronary. Then I saw he was walking again; he said he was getting 'mondo stitches'. So I passed him again and with 3km to go I just WENT. Man I was getting tired though.

I managed to finish in 53:53. J finished in 55 something and S in 57 something. I beat the other 2 I saw from work too! I can NOT believe it. Ok, they can all run WAAAAY further than me, but I beat them fair and square this time!

So I had my fill of free beers and caught up with the rude and inappropriate conversations we used to have, and I did some babe spotting for them. They are SO funny. They stop mid sentence and their eyes glaze over when they spot a hot woman, and they can't function until she passes their line of sight.

Anyway I really had fun and am glad I went. I miss those guys at work!

This is me last night after the race - drinking my free beer!


  1. You have more energy than I can ever hope to have.

    Well done on the race!

  2. that is so awesome! well done jane!!!

  3. Look how big your eyes were in that picture? ha ha ha ha. Were you high on endorphins?? well at that speed u must have been! LOL

  4. oh, and...pls will u do a 15km sometime soon. you are more than ready!!! I think u would do REALLY well!!!