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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Q has a 'criminal' record

So Q has now officially 'done time'.

And to be honest I think it was largely unfounded and rather unfair.

Now I am the first one to support something like this if it is founded and if the child did wrong... I mean if a kid lies, cheats, steals, swears or is obnoxious or disobedient, sure throw their asses in I mean detention. ;) If they don't do their homework multiple times, again lock them up I say...but in this case the reasons are:

- 'Not handing his project in' . BUT HE DID! It was due on the Monday and he handed it in on the Friday before. The teacher in question mislaid it! She finally found it about a week later - but the demerits remained in place. He had done 1.5 of the required 2 bracelets and did do the paper work part of the project. So it wasn't perfect but it was done and handed in...early nogal!
- Not having his glasses
occasionally. I explained to his class teacher that he DOES NOT NEED THEM EVERYDAY. The optometrist even said not to get into the habit of wearing them too much as it will just make his eyes weaker. He actually does wear them almost every day now though. I explained this to the teacher after she wrote a nasty note in his dairy about it one day.
- His diary not being signed. Yes this has happened a few times and at least half the time it's been MY fault. The homework has been done and ticked off but the initial is just sometimes left out. Sue me!
- Leaving his PT clothes at home ONCE (Last week the day after Angelique's birthday) ... and Tiny is supposed to help with this but she's been a bit distracted and caught up in herself.

I was quite annoyed and despondent about it because he has really really really tried HARD this term. I mean he has gone from his readiness to even be in Grade 4 b
eing questioned to getting:
- 36.5/40 for his maths test
- 24/25 for History
- 27/30 for Science
- 19/20 and 15/20 for Afrikaans spelling
- 14/15 for English spelling
- 16.5/20 for his first oral
- 10.5/20 Xhosa etc.

I mean he is doing WELL.

He has improved his writing dramatically and is really applying himself. He is well behaved at home and does his homework EVERY day at after-care and then again at home. So
I felt a bit deflated that it was really not justified and he deserves praise for the effort and achievements he has made and not to be chastised for a few minor and inconsequential things.

So I really don't think it was fair. Luckily he is a robust and resilient child. I spoke to him and asked him if he wanted me to contest it, and he said no he'd just do it and get it over with.

The big day was yesterday. Afterwards I asked how it went and he said, 'Oh, quite fun'. He said they had to write out the school's 'Code of Conduct' and had to write as much as they cool in and hour, so he 'just wrote really slowly'. Hahahaha. He then went on to say it was a good thing he went and saw what it was all about because 'Imagine getting to Grade 7 and getting your first detention then, and totally not knowing what to expect!?'. Um, ok if you say so...

So ja our term ended with his first detention session.
But I don't think he was too traumatized by the experience at all. ;)

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  1. That just pisses me off!!! That is NOT right!!!

    WTG to your Q-man. He is doing so well!!!