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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back to School 2009!

So today is back to school for us.

Quinn started grade 4 and it was Griffin's big day starting Grade 1!!

It went very well. Griffin was super chuffed and smiley and Quinn was very caring and supportive towards him. I must say I don't find days like this sad and teary at all. I feel more happy and proud and impressed with them than anything else.

Griff dressed himself, Quinn helped him with shoe laces and I did his tie.

I can't wait to pick them up later and hear how it went. Griff is going straight to after-care - but it's right outside his classroom and he knows everyone there already since Q has been there for 3 years so he'll be fine Smile

Here are some pics:

All of us at various times this morning including Roxy (of course) and our trusty nanny Tiny.

Quinn on Day 1 of Grade 1,2,3 & 4


  1. Looking ever so cool in their uniforms. They grow up fast hey?

  2. Love the photos. I am sure that they have both had a great day.

  3. Thanks guys. I love their uniforms they are so smart and proper. They love them too. Real like gentlemen :)

  4. Oh how super cool are they all!

    Gosh Gr4 is big hey!!!

  5. They always look so smart in their school uniforms :) Skoene en alles

  6. oh they are just so cute!
    so how's it go?

  7. Thanks guys they are both loving being back at school. It really is a wonderful school.

    Lindy - yup they are growing up super fast now!

    Laura - yep Grade 4 is a big step, he is out of Foundation Phase and has 'proper' subjects now - Science, Geography etc etc and an Atlas and Woordeboek en alles! Scary stuff man! Shame his bag is so big and heavy too.

    Mel - Ja we are an ordentlike Soutie school blazer, tie AND lace up shoes! ;)