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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

J Bored Mom

Earlier tonight I was J-boarding again (I am getting better!) and Q wanted to take a photo so he got the camera... I managed to ride ALL the way down the road and make almost a full turn too. But when I checked the 'photo' he had actually taken a video... I found it really funny so I have made a little movie.

Nuff sed...

Video can be viewed here:

Nee hee!!


  1. why can i not see the videos :(

  2. love it ... and the sound track is so apt too! :) :)

  3. Lindy: I don't know - try again??

    Tess: Thanks :) I just love Quinn's comment half way through, he is such a card!

  4. Ahm, but what did he said? I couldn't understand these african english - "This is mum" and then?

  5. Stefan it's not very clear because it was such an impromptu thing... he said 'This is mom J-boarding on Live News' he was putting on a funny voice too! ;)

  6. thats a classic, he's got such an awesome sense of humour!

  7. Ah, thanks Jane. :)