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Friday, 30 January 2009

Work Etiquette out on Naughty Friday

As we all know it is really important to be proper and professional at work at all times. NOT!

Below is the kind of chat I have at work ;) It was between a colleague and I about arrangements for our manager's farewell later...

Mike says: hey
Jane says: ho
Jane says: wassup?
Mike says: what u call me??
Jane says: a ho
Jane says: you got a problem with that??
Jane says: huh? huh??
Mike says: no boss
Jane says: good
Mike says: u'r my pimp
Jane says: and it's baas hey?
Jane says: or madam
Mike says: listen...
Jane says: ja?
Mike says: don't u think we should call BJ (hehe) and book a table??
Mike says: it's always busy on Friday
Jane says: oh ja
Jane says: good idea
Jane says: although we are leaving at 3:30! woohoo!
Mike says: I'm full of them hey??
Jane says: can you do it?
Jane says: asseblief?
Mike says: no
Jane says: ag please man!
Mike says: NO!!
Jane says: You're fired!
Mike says: okay
Mike says: what time
Mike says: 3.30?
Jane says: ja 3:31:15
Jane says: need 0:1:15 to get there...
Mike says: lol
Jane says: I dinna get a card
Jane says: the bloody bottle of Jack was R180!
Jane says: wanna make one?
Jane says: since you are so kleva?
Mike says: fuck the card
Mike says: u think steve will treasure it?
Mike says: and keep it in his bedside draw??
Jane says: we'll if I fucked it he prolly would, yes
Jane says: I can not believe I actually typed that....
Mike says: lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane says: backspace!!!
Mike says: he'd keep it under his pillow
Jane says: sies
Jane says: it would need to be a pop-up card...
Mike says: lol :)

And then I totally broke down laughing out loud until the entire department was looking at me...



  1. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...


    thats shocking. i am deeply offended by your lack of morality.

  2. As Wenchy would say, 'That's not proper' hehe

    Must be nice to work somewhere where there is fun and things like this aren't seen as insubordination or sexual harassment :)

  3. @Angel: Ja sorry I am terribly improper. Wenchy would not approve!

    @Acid: Ag that sexual harassment thing is over rated. Obviously there are real cases, but I don't think it should stop good old consenting fun and banter. I always manage to find someone to be rude and inappropriate with, pretty much everywhere I work. ;)

    @Lindy: You laughing at me? Hey??

    By the way when we were out for drinks later that day I tried to tell my team I used to be conceived as very shy, conservative and 'proper' and they were like 'What?? When? When you were like 5?' So it seems I have totally shattered that reputation. YAY!