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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Lion's Head Sunset Picnic Hike

I had arranged a Sunset Hike up Lion's head with my sister and her new husband (!!!) tonight. The boys were not going to go with us this time, so that I could focus just on her. But she canceled late this afternoon (she is less than reliable right now, so it looks like I won't really be spending any time with her while she is down in Cape Town, despite me passing up a holiday opportunity myself so that I could stay here and be here to see her and spend quality time with her and support her. Just a tad annoyed about that am I!).

I still wanted to go up Lion's Head though and not just cancel the evening altogether, but after contacting almost everyone I know (including several ex boyfriends, and eligible colleagues and ex colleagues) to join me and being declined by everyone *sulk* Does NO ONE love me!? *wail* LOL.

Anyway in the end I decided to take the boys along. Because I thought f'it I was going to go anyway no matter what! We also took the neighbour's son Daniel at the last minute too. Seems I only spend time with kids these days... oh well facebook did age me at 10 years old yesterday, so I guess that fits ;) A kid who can drive & drink. Woot! SCORE! ;)

So off we trekked at about 6pm. I had thought it would be really hot, but the top of the mountain was covered in cloud so it was quite chilly and a bit windy, and we were IN a cloud a lot of the time, which is quite magical and mystical. So we huddled up to keep warm, but then every now and again it would clear suddenly and give us brief but stunning views of the sun dipping towards the horizon.

We had a really wonderful time!

I LOVE Lion's Head and feel so blessed to have access to such an awesome place. It is very special to me.


  1. Sorry about your sisters lack of reliability!!!

    Glad you guys went anyway it looks stunning!

  2. You are lucky to live in such a fabulous place.