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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Meeting Wenchy

I met Mel/Supermom back in early 2001 on a parenting forum. I met her in real life in 2002 when she came down to Cape Town and we had a meet at Kirstenbosch. She is a lovely lovely person. Although I have only met her the once I feel like I know her well, and I'd love to spend more time with her and her gorgeous boys. Anyway that's not what THIS post is about...

Sometime after that Mel started a blog which I have been following it ever since, and then a flickr photostream. It's been years now! Somewhere along the line I met Christel/Wenchy through Mel's blog and started following Wenchy's blog and flickr photos etc.

Anyway Chris contacted me to say she'd be in Cape Town and having lunch with some blog people in Kalk Bay on Tues, so off we went. We met Angel, Heather, Janine(?) and (?) and of course Christel and Deon/Noid.

It was wonderful to FINALLY met the fabulous one and only Wenchy. Noid was hot/fun too!

I also really enjoyed meeting Angel's son who is a lovely lovely boy. So relaxed and at ease and with an inner confidence which was very endearing.

Thanks for the invite babe.

My photos are CRAP and I have serious lens envy after seeing the camera bling these girls tote around (but they have NOTHING on Jacques' cameras so welakapela!) ;)... ooh and I have breast envy too! (It's ok Jacques moobs can't compete there though) ;)

Here are some better photos by Angel's partner:


  1. Looks like fun Jane :)

    Its always so cool to meet people in real life who you have known for ages!

  2. awww, I'd love to meet all of them too... and you too. I've only met Angel from that crowd.
    Very cool!

  3. I'm sure you had fun ... who doesn't have fun when they are with my Wenchy lol
    I wish I could have been there too!!!!!!

    PS. Thanks for the compliment ;)

  4. Hey! Why thank you. I even feature in the title. LOL

    It was fabulous meeting you. You were just as I imagined you would be and yes, Dion is fucking hot according to me! :)

    Btw, Mel's comment sommer made me cry.

  5. That looks like it was SUCH fun.
    I am lucky in that everytime Wenchy comes to visit Mel, I can pop around and say 'hi'. I live about 5 mins away from Mel.