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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Quinn has been very photogenic recently, and has been enjoying posing and hamming it up for the camera (whereas I can't get Griffin to either keep still or smile most of the time, so only get kak shots of him). He is also showing an interest in taking photos and has taken some not too bad ones of Richard and I - I might actually give him my old camera as part of his Christmas present.

Here are some shots of him from yesterday:

Welcome to the house of FUN

Hello Sailor

In a trance

You looking at me?

Monday, 28 November 2005

MCQP are you ready!?

Well it's almost that time of the year again, and time to start getting ready for MCQP.
It is THE PARY OF THE YEAR in Cape Town.

MCQP stands for Mother City Queer Project. "The first plan was a queer tribal gathering formatted as an Art Event and a themed costume party. The first project in 1994, 'The Locker Room Project,' was such a hysterical success, that MCQP has grown up to become an annual event on the international queer circuit party calendar. And this year, with Andre's handing the reigns over to new owners, it's an African first: a Party Brand being sold!"

^-2003 Tea Bags

Earl Grey

See the official website for more info.

Here are some of the previous themes, and our take on them...

  • 1998 - Safari Camp - we wore Safari Suits and pinked them up a bit. It was at the Riverclub and was really fun.
  • 1999 - Heavenly Bodies at the Nico Malan - We were shooting stars. This one was AWESOME (and I was 8.5 months pregnant at the time). We had a blast.
  • 2000 - Toy Box at the Goodhope Center- we went as 2 Blind Mice (the 3rd chickened out at the last moment - asswipe). This was not the best year.
  • 2001- Farm Fresh - I missed it due to having a 3-week-old baby. Richard went as a sheep/Ozzie Prozzie. LOL
  • 2002 - The Wedding, at the Castle. This one was fun. I was 'Braaied' and Richard was 'Just Marinated', we puned the bridal theme, with the traditional SA BBQ called a 'braai'. My sister and her then fiance came along and we had a great time.
  • 2003 - Kitch Kitchen in the CTICC - we were Tea Bags, Richard was Earl Greay and I was Rooibos (Red Bush). Photos above and below.
  • 2004 - Jungle Fever outside the Artscape. We went as Jungle Bunnies. Photos below.
  • 2005 - It's a Circus at Ratanga Junction - we are still deciding what to go as...

2003 Tea Bags
Rooibos (red Bush)

Jungle Bunnies 2004

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Christmas Tree, Angels and Narfiness

I dreamed this morning that I was putting up the Christmas tree with my sister Belinda, and after we finished we were driving somewhere and it started to snow...

Yeah right it's been around 30 degrees celcius here for several weeks, there no hope of SA ever having a white christmas, in fact some people go as far as having a big Christmas meal on 25 June, so that they can enjoy the decadent feast without the stiffling and appetite sapping heat...

Anyway I was inspired when I woke up, and since it's less than a month to go before Christmas the boys and I set up our little tree, and got their advent calendar set up and ready to roll on Thursday. It's a really nice calendar we found marked down in the middle of the year, where you can slot your own treats into a little pocket. Last year we waited to long and could only find one of those over priced one's with the chocolates behind the windows, so they had to share...

On finding the Christmas hats the boys quickly put them on, so I took some photos of them, to use for our Christmas card. It seemed much easier than the usual way I do it, which is to take a photo of the 2 of them together and with my limited graphics skills I attempt to draw hats on their heads!

I am feeling VERY narfy today, not sure why, but I am suspecting it's lovely hormones. I wish this bloody Mirena would go back to working the way it used to, life was great without monthly mood swings and causeless depression.

The result has been that I have done pretty much nothing else. The boys have been swimming and watching TV and I have been mooching around and looking at old e-mails and pictures.
I must start on the familly Christmas presents and getting Quinn's school clothes labelled, but I just don't have the energy and motivation today... so I am basically wasting a day and snacking way too much ;). At least the pool is mostly fixed in that we have a brand new pump and filter and the water is clean and sprakly again in time for us to enjoy it in summer, but the Creepy Crawly is just not happy and its pulse rate goes down after just 30 sec or so, and you basically have to nurse it along. It's become quite anthropomorphic actually... and I have been know to talk to it in both coaxing and scolding tones ;)

I took this photo of Quinn and I earlier because I realised I haven't done that for ages. Griffin didn't want to cooperate, so I gave up...

I have been looking through old e-mails I sent to ppl which pretty much track a lot of what I have done and felt over the past few years. i have decided to add them to this blog in relevant date order, as an accululated diary of sorts. Who knows it may mean something to someone eventually. I have already added my Thailand trip stories and the UDU account I wrote. More to follow...

I am considering having my hair done (again) because besides spending 3.5 hours getting it done by a trainee last week (who messed dye on my favorite pink top!), it looks exactly the same! Now annoying is that!?

Fun Dinners

Sometimes when I have time and feel inspired and have made something appropriate I like to make dinner fun for the boys...

I used to look at books that suggest doing things like that to get toddlers
to eat and shake my head at the effort that seems to be required. Luckily my boys are not really fussy eaters, but now I find it's fun to make their meal playful.

Quinn clearly has noticed since that was his reason given for loving me at his graduation :)) Thanks Quinn.

Friday, 25 November 2005

Penguin Joke

A man drives to a gas station and has his tank filled up. The gas pumper spots two penguins sitting in the back seat of the car. He asks the driver, "What's up with the penguins in the back seat?"
The man in the car says "I found them. I asked myself what to do with them, but I haven't had a clue."

The clerk ponders a bit then says, "You should take them to the zoo."
"Hey, that's a good idea," says the man in the car and drives away.

The next day the man with the car is back at the same gas station. The clerk sees the penguins are still in the back seat of the car. "Hey, they're still here! I thought you were going to take them to the zoo."
"Oh, I did," says the driver, "And we had a swell time. Today I am taking them to the beach."

Monday, 21 November 2005

Cartoon Network Summer Fun Day

So on Sunday after my fun run, we were ready to have a fun and relaxing day, we stayed at WPCC for an hour or 2 watching the half marathon runner come in and then Quinn found some school friends who happen to live across the road, so went to play with them.

We collected him again at around lunch time and decided to go for a drive and to eat out, instead of going home. We weren't sure where to go, and were driving fairly aimlessly when we drove past Bishops - I was pretty much pointing out the route of the run and this point. There seemed to be a fete, or carnival happening there, and we decided to checking it out, because it looked like fun...

So we went in and couldn't really see what the event was for, other than that there was Cartoon Network branding everywhere. There was no access control so we took a wonder around, and saw some amazing jumping castles. One HUGE one was in the shape of a space shuttle with a big slide coming out the back. There did not seem to be a charge for using it, so the kids started using it, and had a blast (no pun intended!).

After a while someone came past and handed us cold drinks. We gratefully accepted - it was getting pretty hot by now. Richard decided to go see what the event was all about. He came back saying 'the good news is everything is free, the bad news is it's an invite only event'. Realising we had gate crashed a party, we dicided to let the kids finish on the space shuttle and then would move on.

On the way past the marquee we bumped into some friend we hadn't seen for ages. Turns out it was a DSTV end of year event for DSTV installer companies and their families etc. They were just getting lunch and invited us to stay. So we did. The lunch was a catered affair and was really nice. I had a chicken kebab with dried apricots; a vegetable bake with butternut, aubergine, leek and spinach; and a rocket, blue cheese and walnut salad. All were delicious. We were offered wine and beer etc as well. After lunch dessert was delicious fruit kebabs (kiwi, pine apple, strawberry, apple, and orange) with white and dark chocolate drizzled over them. YUM.

It was the perfect meal and exactly what I felt like.
The kids were in their element and were given mini hamburgers, fizzy drink, candy floss, pop corn and flakey ice creams. I think my children though they had died and gone to heaven actually...

They played mostly on the space shuttle, but also a bit on the UFO jumping castle. They also spent a lot of time looking at and interacting with the cartoon network characters who were walking arounfd, these included Dexter, and his sister Dee Dee. Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo etc.

There were also some races (sack, potato, water transporting etc) for older children to take part in, and face painting, splash pools, colouring in, dancing etc too. The funniest thing was the sumo wrestling, where kids dressed up in sumo 'fat-suits' and had to wrestle each other. Hilarious to watch!

After a day of amazing fun and too much sun we went home at 4:30pm. All of us fell asleep for a few hours - Quinn woke up at 6:30am on Monday!

It is probably one of the most fun events we have ever attended as a family... and it didn't cost us a cent...

We have to figure out how to get invited next year ;)

Sunday, 20 November 2005

I am now a competitive athlete!

Well, I had a momentous occasion on Sunday morning - I ran in a road race! Granted it was only a humble 6km fun run, but for me that's quite an achievement.

I have never run that distance in my life. Somehow I skipped the whole sport and athletics thing when I was in school, and I only started regularly exercising when I started doing yoga when I was first pregnant in early 1998. Nearly 8 years later I still do yoga at least once a week, and I do kata-boxing weekly as well as running every other day. Most importantly I really enjoy it too!

I think I can safely say that I am more fit now than I have ever been before. Although I guess that's not saying much... :)

Anyone who knew me between 1992-1997 will know that I went through a very interesting weight curve - first losing 12-13 kgs and then gaining a whole heap (25 in total?). I went trough some rather emotional times and I think it was a general period of growing up, and learning that life is hard 'deal with it'. So it was a period of losing myself and then finding myself again. In 1996/1997 I decided it was time to pull myself together and started looking after myself instead of punishing and hating myself. I had moved in with Richard by this time (although our relationship has not been easy I appreciate that he actually stuck with me in those early days when I don;t think I looked or felt well or happy). I also changed job to one that was more challenging and enjoyable and that helped too.

By the last half of 1997 I had lost around 13 kgs and was back to my original weight before all the nonsense started - around 55kgs. This seems to be my natural weight because apart from my pregnancies I have now been at this weight give or take 2kgs ever since. Even with all my pregnancy gains I was back to this weight in 3 weeks and 3 months respectively with each child. It feels good.

My friend Beryl has really become a fitness fanatic this year and is competing in events every other week. She runs, swims, cycles, mountain bikes etc. Now I don't have the time or inclination to participate with that level of dedication and regularity, but I have been inspired to push myself a little.

So when I saw the pamphlet for the Landmarks Marathon, and that it had a 6km fun run, I thought that would be ideal for me, because it was nice and short, and the start was a mere walk from my house. It also got me into the hotel gym in Montreal, because I knew I couldn't be too sedentary.

So on Sunday at the ungodly hour of 6:30am I set off on my brisk walk through the quiet and fresh dawn to Western Province Cricket Club, I arrived there with mere minutes to spare before the start. I couldn't find Beryl (we had arranged to meet at the start with the intention of running together). Soon the starting gun was fired, my MP3 player was on and we were off.

I set of at an easy pace and found I was passing lots of people, and ended up probably in the front third, and as far as I can tell I stayed there. The course was fairly easy through the mostly flat and sometimes undulating leafy suburb that is Rondebosch. I ran the first 3km quite easily and at a fair pace and then started feeling a bit tired. I managed the rest by walking for a block when I felt my breathing get laboured and then running again once my heart rate slowed down. I finished the 6km in 35 minutes, which means I averaged just over 10km per hour, which I think is not too bad for my first attempt.

I think I'll do it again & I might even feel brave enough to try 10km next time :).

Saturday, 19 November 2005

We have a Graduate in the family now.

We attended Quinn's Grade R dinner and 'Graduation' on Friday night. It was so sweet.

The school went to so much trouble. We had received very official invitations telling us to arrive dressed elegantly. We had to feed the children before we arrived, and siblings had to be left at home. It was all very proper.

The kids had all been primed to tell their parents 'teacher Sharon said you are going to eat dinner on the small chairs, but it's ok because she sits on them every day, and they are quite comfortable'.

Well when we arrived the class room was all closed up and we weren't allowed to see it.

We all enjoyed a drink and mingle and were then ushered down to the courtyard, where we watched their little show. They said poems and sang songs, and generally behaved very grown-up. Some of the boys even had their new Grade 1 school blazers on and looked very smart. They finished the show by singing 'In the Morning of My Life' from Goodbye Mr Chips, which I always find moving, but this time it was especially so... *sniff*

Then it was time for speeches and dinner. we were sent into the class, and were surprised to find, not the small tables and chairs, but the class had been transformed into a smart dinning area with large tables and chairs, wine glasses, candles, place cards and various decorations etc. It looked very impressive.

We each got decorated gift boxes next to our place cards containing a chocolate and fortune cookie type message slip. Many of the parents got a messages of love and caring, but Quinn seems more concerned about the stuff he's received. *tsk tsk*
  • My note said, 'Thank-you Mommy for getting all those presents for me'
  • Richard's said, 'Thank-you Daddy for giving us that milkshake'
The teacher also read out answers to questions she had asked them. First was what they want to be when they grow up... [Quinn has previously told me he want's to be 'a doctor who helps babies come out', 'an astronaut' (inspired by Mark Shuttleworth - he has seen the soyuz capsule at the Science Centre and the video footage, and also knows that I work for Mark) or 'a dentist'.] . Many of the kids said security gaurd, teacher, ballet dancer, karate instructor, one said Accountant (shame!). Quinn decided it would be Pilot this time. Fair enough.

Then they were asked why they love their Mommy/Daddy. here answers were mostly about love, cuddles, spending time together, being tucked into bed etc. Quinn said he loves me 'because I make his dinner, and make the mashed potato into faces and fun shapes'. Awww! :) He said he loves Richard 'because of all the treats'. There does seem to be a theme of materialism coming through, but we suspect that he didn't want to divulge real emotions to his teacher, since he is fairly shy and sensitive about being exposed emotionally.

Sharon and the principal Janine spoke about how the children had grown and matured into what they are now, and how sad it is to see them go etc. It was very touching and nice to hear. After than each child was called up in turn to collect their Graduation photos, certificate and progress report. See photos here.
Then it was time for dinner. Each couple had their very own waiter - it was the kid's turn to serve US for a change. They had to come and tell us what was on offer and listen to our choice and then take our plates through the crowded maze of tables, up some stairs and to the food serving area. Quinn got our orders 100% right and returned with food and plates intact - (a few other children dropped the plates on the way) so if nothing else we know he'd do well a waiter. We tipped him by sneaking the chocolates on the table to him. It was nice chatting to the other parents and having the children feel so important and special.

Since we were all dressed up anyway, after dropping Quinn off at home and very ready for bed, Richard and I went to the Body Spectra event. We had been before and really enjoyed it. This time it was at Grand West. We missed the first half, because we got there late. We mostly felt that this year wasn't as good as the first one we saw (I think it was in 2002) especially in terms of how the work was displayed and choreographed, they only had 45 seconds to show case the work and many of the models seemed to be self-concious and shy. It was still pretty spectacular none the less, and the MC Dave Levinsohn, really made it entertaining and enjoyable. He has a very good way of ad libbing and interacting with the audience, and being quite audacious really. We had fun.

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

I am not a RHPS virgin anymore...

Just got back from an incredible experience. It is Halloween and I am in Montreal, and it seems to be taken quite seriously here. The hotel staff were all very dressed up and ppl in the streets have been in costume since I got here a few days ago and there are pumpkins etc everywhere... Anyway we went to Rocky Horror Picture Show and it was excellent - very MCQPish... It was in a big old theatre (The Corona), which is a mix between the Labia and the Valve, and was the movie, and a show combined - it was brilliant. We were right at the top at the back and they had the movie screening and then were acting it out on the stage in front of the screen and had a voice commentating, very clever and VERY funny. Well worth seeing :)
Everybody else in the audience had obviously seen it many times and knew all the appropriate reactions and heckling etc. Not to mention the rice, water, newspaper toast, playing cards etc, and the calls of Asshole, Slut etc. I presume you know all this...? I didn't ;) Being a newly deflowered virgin and all.

I had heard so much about the movie and knew the songs, but had never actually seen it before.
It was very gay and debaucherous, with loads of inuendo and blatant sexuality. Also they called ppl up on stage before the show (best dressed I think) and they were given a minute to perform and impress the audience. The last guy who was dressed pretty normal followed on after 2 girls who had stripped and simulated lesbian sex and slapping etc ! and had a tough act to follow called a girl down when it was his turn. She was HUGE. He said 'this will be good' when the compaire told him he better have something planned. He ended up proposing to her. It was very weird/funny/sweet etc at the same time.

Here's more than you ever wanted to know about Rocky Horror partici...Pation!

And here is the full script if you'd like to read it.
and here are the closest pictures I could find of a very similar production.