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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Griffin the cycling champ goes to see a movie

I took the kids to go see the movie Enchanted today. They cycled there (I ran) about a 6km round trip.

Griffin wore this, and kept the helmet and glasses on throughout the movie. He looked adorable!

At one point he had his glasses at the bottom of his nose and he was peering over them... I wish I had taken my camera with me...

He watched the kissing scene with a covered gasping mouth, and yelled a big 'YESSS!' when the princess woke up!

He was very chuffed with himself when we got home. You'd think he'd just won the Tour De France.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Lazy summer days at the beach

Well although we have never been into the beach much before it seems we are finally staring to become beach people after all....

I took the boys to Fish Hoek beach the day after Christmas - and got horribly burned. It was a cool day and I foolishly decided to actually sit out in my swimsuit. I normally stay covered up. My skin just can't handle the sun. I am still really red and sore 3 days later.

Quinn however now LOVES swimming in the sea and I have to call him back because he goes out further then anyone else! He's become a real aqua boy (a far cry from the baby that hated the cold, sand, wind and waves )

Here are photos from that day:

Then they went shopping with their Birthday party Sportsman's Warehouse vouchers this morning and both chose Boogie boards. So we packed a late afternoon picnic and went to Camps Bay to try them out and watch the sunset.

On the way home I spontaneously decided to go to Bacinis for a pizza dinner. YUM! We haven't been there since Q was under a year old... their pizza is delicious.

Here are photos from today:

We are actually having a wonderful holiday despite 'just' staying at home
Smile Laughing Laughing

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The Christmas Crackers & My surprise gift

Do you remember...?

1 ) Quinn made our Christmas crackers with personalized notes...?

Well we got to open them at lunch time today and mine said, "Remember to use your knife and fork, to eat your pork"

And there was a picture of a demented looking Santa saying 'Ho ho ho'. Hrm!!!!?

Richard's said, "To be the best dad, buy me something"

LMAO Laughing Laughing Laughing

2) When Quinn spent DH's R20 on a school outing and didn't bring any change back? I told him off, even after he said DH didn't mind, and eventually he told me he had spent the money on a Christmas gift for me...

Well this is what he bought... he wrapped it up himself and kept it a secret all the way till now.

Aw, how sweet! I love it!!! *beame* Very Happy Very Happy

He said he bought it at the beach and had to bargain with the vendor because it was meant to be R30 ;) That's my boy!

Twas the morning of Christmas...

and all was going well....

Until Griffin knocked over the Christmas tree and pissed me off... and now I am hiding in my room.


Monday, 24 December 2007

We went - Back to School!

Our annual go-all-out-and-party night was on Saturday. Yep it was time for MCQP .

As usual it was a total BLAST! I love love going. It was my 8th time attending and Richard's 10th! (1998-2004, 2005, 2006)

The theme was Matric Dance - Back to School. So Richard and I dressed up as 'Head Boy and Head Girl'.

We were most drawn to the 'Hits' dance floor where they were playing all the music that was
around when we really were in Matric. I had been looking forward to hearing my fav song at the moment there, and nearly missed it, but made it for the second half of a wicked remix of Mika's 'Relax' just in time!

We got home at 4:30am...
Boy did I feel half dead yesterday.... I literally did nothing but lounge around, read and sleep.

Here are a few pics:
More of our pics here.

There are pics HERE (don't think they got us) and GayPeer pics here, a press article here and more here.

The MCQP official galleries are here and here.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Adderley Street Christmas Market

We just spent the evening at the Adderley Street Christmas Market and Lights.

This is how it's done.

First: You have to get ready, with lots of giggling.... To look like this!
Quinn has 'spikey hair', Griffin has 'Tuxedo hair':

Then we get there, walk around and look at the lights:

Then eat popcorn drink cold drink and walk all around the market finally buying a trick bubble gum dispenser to add to your magic collection. Mom decides to be a sport and graciously accepts the stick of 'bubblegum' you offer, only to scream like a frightened banshee when she realises the thing REALLY kicks. (Yoh! My arm went lame for a while, that thing is vicious!)

Then you have to buy yourself an ice-cream:

Then enter a dance competition. Surprise your family by dancing really well despite being the only whitey entering, and being shy, and being from a family of dancing retards - AND WIN a BIG heart shaped sucker for your cute robotic sliding movements:

and give it to mommy!

Very Happy Very Happy


Thursday, 20 December 2007

We've been tagged - 8 things Usus

Ok I've been tagged twice for this Meme now, by Jeanette and Shuia, or more accurately Quinn & Griffin have been tagged by Connor & Luka.

Each player makes a list of eight random facts/habits about themselves.

At the end of your list, choose five (it was eight but that's too hard) people to to tag and list their names.

Leave them a comment on each of their websites to let them know that they have been tagged.

The people tagged will write a post on their own website about their eight things, post these rules, and tag eight others.

I decided since Q&G are old enough to speak for themselves, it would make sense to ask them to dictate this to me, and so they have... their responses follow. And since it's 2 of them, I guess it's an Usus and not a Meme technically ;) ...

- We went to Ratanga this week.
- My big front tooth fell out this month
- I like going to the movies
- I like eating sushi, my favourite puddings are ice cream and chocolate cap, and jelly & custard, and chocolate
- I go a bit crazy if I eat chocolate (Jane, he really does!)
- I love my skateboard that dad got from America, it's really cool
- I don't know what I want to be when I am big, I don't want to be a pilot any more.. I might crash the plane into a mountain!
- I like opening presents, I rip the paper off them and throw them in my brother's face and then I laugh

- I like wearing short clothes
- I like eating pizza
- I love my scooter what mommy got me.
- I like swimming. I can do bomb drops, I can dive, I can do a belly flop, I like going right under the water
- I love swimming in the sea and playing in the garden and playing with a ball outside
- I am happy about presents for Christmas and opening our crackers
- I like my bunk bed
- I like eating sweeties

We are tagging:
- Jason
- Victoria
- Connor
- Joe
- Fifi
You can participate or not as you like, no pressure ;)

Mitchell's 10km Sundowner Race was a KILLER

(This bit written last night when I'd just got back from the race)
I am dead tired and drunk now... but somehow I did survive it.

I thought I was going to die, the race SUCKED badly. I was literally swearing in my head. It was hot hot hot, and dry and my calves were cramping and I didn't have fun... until it was over ...

I somehow finished in 54 mins 25 or so, despite having to walk twice because I was feeling like vomiting or dying....

Then we got no free beer, because SAPS decide to outlaw them giving us free beer!? *sulk* Anyway we just bought our own instead.

(The rest written today with some sanity and sobriety restored) ;)

Now that I have had time to recover I actually did think it was a great race. Nice venue, route and organization, and I was near enough to the front that I did get water at both the water points. (The people further back got little or nothing, which must have been awful.)

It was just the heat and myself that made it SUCK, and not the race itself that was bad in any way. But the amblers along the Seapoint promenade were annoying at times. I consider myself a pretty polite runner, I always look back before changing a line in case someone is trying to pass me, and always go around people and/or apologize and thank them if they need to move, but in some places pedestrians were walking 3 abreast with their backs to the on-coming mob. I mean REALLY. You can SEE there's a race, have some sense. I actually almost collided with one large man, and he still didn't step aside! Grrr.
Rolling Eyes Evil or Very Mad
I really wish water was provided at the end of races though, because I find that's when I really need a good chug of water, and I don't always want coke. I usually keep a water sachet in hand if I can so I can drink it as I finish.

Still the bought and paid for beer was GOOD As was the sushi and Oreos which followed!

Here are some pics:
Me with my friend from primary school who I found again at my second ever race last year! (Excuse all the sweat - I did say it was really hot, and I was literally DRIPPING.)

This one taken by Quinn

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

We've gone crackers!

Quinn and I were looking at Christmas crackers the other day and the prices are just ridiculous! And worse than that they are TOTAL CRAP. You have to spend at least R100 before you get anything that you might actually want to have for more than 5 seconds. It's just silly.

Anyway we gave up and were hoping we'd find something better somewhere else and on another day...

Well last night Quinn started fiddling with wrapping paper etc etc, and next thing he was making a Christmas cracker, complete with funny note inside. I suggested that he make a whole set of crackers for our Christmas lunch, and he agreed. So I gave him a pile of sweets and chocolates, some wrapping paper, toilet roll inners, wool, and some stickers and left him to it.

He finished them today...

Seems Quinn is a bit Crackers himself...

I am quite excited to find out what my special message is, as he has personalised them for each of us. Fun!

It's a great money saving tip, We used stuff we already had at home, so it cost us nothing extra!

Quinn tells a picture story 'This is Buggy'

It clearly the holidays, my boys are coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful and creative things...

I came home from work today and was presented with a little show. (I think Quinn must have learned this at school??)

So I present to you a picture story by Quinn:




Buggy says 'hi'

Let's clap for Buggy

Oooops! Buggy die! Sad

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing