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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Friday, 18 July 2014

Then & Now

38 weeks with Griffin in 2001 vs 34 weeks now....

Jane 38 Weeks Pregnant  kgHYjDrGBOoSyVJ9tIYdHURBnJHgIVO7_lg.jpg

Monday, 14 July 2014

Maternity Shoot

So I did a maternity photo shoot on Saturday. It was not a proper 'official' professional shoot, since a friend of mine did it and he is not a pro, it's just hobby he has been experimenting with. But I think he is damned good and I have really liked the photos of his I have seen in the past year or so. We did hire a studio and good lens, and I got someone to make me up a bit though...

I am not a natural model, and in fact I have never even had a real photoshoot before. I didn't even hire a photographer for my wedding (way back when) and just got a friend to take snaps. So it is not something I have any experience or knowledge of at all. But I knew I wanted to do this as it is definitely, my LAST pregnancy ever. I have very few pregnancy photos for my previous pregnancies, and I kind of regret that. Also this time the pregnancy and birth are 'mine', but the parenting journey is not, so I want to cherish and remember this part of this very special journey I am on. I know I am going to cherish these memories and I wanted photographic reminders of it.

I spent a lot of time googling images of maternity shoots and for the most part I didn't really like them. I didn't want anything cheesy or too saccharine lovey-dovey, or the diffused lighting, lace and bows and ruffles so many of them have. Not to say the 'classic' maternity photos are not pretty, but they just didn't feel like ME. I wanted to do something authentic to me, who I am, what I am doing, and that show me as real and natural. I found I was most drawn to the black and white nude shots, especially the ones focusing on contrasts, lines, shapes, light and shadows.

Looking at all our local maternity photographer's sites, no one captured exactly what I was going for. So I contacted Joey. I used to work with him years ago. He has taken some stunning shots in the past few years, some quite edgy and boudoir-esque, and often of drop-dead gorgeous models (I think subconsciously I was hoping he could make me look like one of them HAHAHA). He had never done anything like what I was looking for in terms of lighting, and had not done any maternity shoots, but was open to giving it a try.

A was keen to be involved too - it is his baby after-all - and so we set it up, and decided to just do it and see what happened.

On the day I was a bit late getting to the studio (I was home getting make-up and hair done by the gorgeous and lovely Michelle), and A and Joey were at the studio getting it set up. There was a booking clash, so when we got there we thought we had very little time. So instead of arriving and being awkward and shy as I had expected, there was barely time for a hello, before I was told, "Get your clothes off and get in here!". So instead of warming up with some clothed shots it was straight into the black room and the nudes. Weird that worked well as I just had to drop my guard and go with it immediately. Also because the room was dark (except for when the flashes and lights lit up) I didn't even feel that exposed.

So all the nudes were done first and then I got dressed and when to the white room for the clothed ones.

 Note they are not yet edited or retouched at all. We still need to chose a few for post-processing and 'polishing'. These are a few that I have cropped and tweaked myself quickly - scars, stretch-marks, cellulite and all! 

The shoot was done at 34.5 weeks, and as you can see I am not that tiny at all. Something about my in the mirror selfies is a bit deceptive... Also in some of these they were telling me to try to accentuate my belly, so I was literally letting it all hang out...

Maternity Photos 1.jpg
Maternity Photos 2.jpg

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pregnancy Progression

Pregnancy Progression from 13 - 34 weeks

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Goodness and Graciousness

Quinn is going on a scout snow hike this week-end. He obviously needs proper bad weather gear for this, and due to growing about 4 or more shoe sizes in like a year (ok maybe 2), he now wears a size 10 shoe and doesn't have very many. He has running shoes, but nothing sturdy or waterproof, so we had to get him some decent hiking boots...

Having had a look at Cape Union Mart I discovered that would cost anywhere from R1000 to a LOT more. Yikes.

So I took a look on Gumtree and found what looked like a perfect pair of New Balance suede leather hiking boots in Size 10 advertised for R250! (They had apparently been advertised for higher initially, but the price had been brought down). They are second hand but never worn, as they did not fit the owner, who'd apparently got them as a gift from his son.

We need them by tonight and they were in Simon's Town, which is quite a way away and not a quick or easy journey... and I am working full time. We had 2 days to make a plan. The boys are on holiday though... So I contacted the seller and I told him I'd pop my boys on the train so Q could go try them on and buy them if they fitted him. 

He very kindly offered to drive through to Fishhoek to make it quicker and easier for them. As only every second or 3rd train goes right through to Simon's Town and there's only one returning about once every hour.

He met them there on Tuesday afternoon around lunchtime and was so sweet and kind and interested in the hike and scouts etc. Quinn loved the shoes and bought them for the agreed R250. Apparently they had a good chat about scouts, school and the area Quinn will be hiking in etc. The man then gave them R50 back for lunch or ice-cream or whatever. So they only actually paid him R200 in the end! 

Quinn made a point of telling me all about him and how nice and kind he'd be so I could thank him. I mailed him yesterday to express gratitude and let him know that I knew the shoes were a major bargain (and had saved me LOADS of money already) and thanks for his incredibly kind and generous gesture to the boys, but now I feel I haven't paid a fair price and can I reimburse the 'bonus' he gave the boys back to him..? He was so sweet about it and said he just felt compelled to 'reward' them for being so happy, courteous and friendly to him. He said 'Their beaming smiles were reward enough for my wife and I'. I was so touched by it, and of course proud of my boys too. It may be a small thing but it's really warmed my heart!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Gushing about midwives again...

Can I gush again about how awesome midwives are..?

I just had another appointment. 75 mins long. It's like having coffee with a friend, except without the coffee. We caught up about what she and I have been up to since we last saw each other (5 weeks ago), and everything is so relaxed and flowy and conversational. The medical checks are so gentle and in the background I barely notice they are happening.

She felt baby and confirmed that he is indeed head down now. YAY!! :) (I was suspecting it, but wasn't sure. His movements are quite weird and cryptic sometimes).

She also felt a fibroid on my uterus. And I had a +1 glucose reading. Neither seem to be issues though and I'll watch my diet and reduce carbs and sugars and up protein till my next visit to ensure there's no sugar issue brewing.

Then she massaged my belly with her divine smelling aromatherapy oil. I had told her my one hip/sacroiliac joint was tight, so when I rolled over she massaged that. Next thing after I sat up she started massaging my feet too. *BLISS*

I always leave feeling calm and happy and healthy. She is awesome.  

My next visit is in 3 weeks which will be the homebirth planning homevisit!!