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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Think of all the stories that we could have told...

I've heard this a few times and it keeps catching my ear, a friend just reminded me about it again now.... so herewith your SOTD.

Not many lyrics... It's odd, but I love it anyway. :)

One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told 

No more tears, my heart is dry
I don't laugh and I don't cry
I don't think about you all the time
But when I do - I wonder why 

One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

Unbelievably it is a MAN! ... here is the original acoustic version.

And full lyrics:
No more tears, my heart is dry
I don't laugh and I don't cry
I don't think about you all the time
But when I do – I wonder why

You have to go out of my door
And leave just like you did before
I know I said that I was sure
But rich men can't imagine poor.

One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

Little me and little you
Kept doing all the things they do
They never really think it through
Like I can never think you're true

Here I go again – the blame
The guilt, the pain, the hurt, the shame
The founding fathers of our plane
That's stuck in heavy clouds of rain.

One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Am I stylish!??

Do you think I am stylish?? I would never have thought so.


I mean I have 2 very stylish and chic sisters. Who have lovely hair, nails, outfits etc,  and I always think I am the 'country-bumpkin' member of my family. The no-fuss, practical, non-girlie-girl. I'd rather climb a tree or kick a ball than look proper or fuss with dresses, skirts or accessories. I'd also rather go for a run, cycle, or swim than worry about my HAIR!


I sometimes joke that I am not a 'real' girl. Getting dressed-up, and even buying clothing and stuff does not excite me. Not even shoes, and no not handbags either. Look I must admit that I AM starting to notice and admire some nice things, but even if I buy stuff I find I don't really wear it. I stick to quick, easy, practical and comfortable. Anything fussy or needing special treatment or behaviour, or shoes I can't run around in just get relegated to the back of the closet...


I wake up at 06:30am and we leave the house at 07:00am. That includes making coffee and everything, so I really do not spend a lot of time grooming myself. AT ALL.


But I have recently been trying a tiny bit harder. I'll remember to wear accessories, an perfume. I'll put an outfit out the night before, so spend 2-mins instead of 1 thinking about and selecting something, and I'll try to make my hair less mad and unkempt. You know try to look at least a little respectable...


Anyway, I have also been trying to wear skirts and dresses a little more, instead of my usual slack ad a top 'uniform'. Yesterday I wore a body hugging chocolate-brown wrap-around dress (yes the same one that ended up doing a Marilyn Monroe on the way home in front of my colleagues! As mentioned on FB) with high-heeled boots and black tights...


I received this lovely email from my one of my team members at work today.


"Hi Jane


I may be very conservative in my own dressing, but I (thinkJ) I know when someone looks good. And you know you always do. But yesterday as you came walking down the passage you really looked like someone straight out of a magazine spread!"


I replied:


"Wow, really? That is so sweet of you. Thank-you.


I have never been much of a style/dress-up person – unlike people like xxx etc who really know how to 'put themselves together'. I am much more practical, on-the-go and utilitarian. I spend about 15-20 mins getting up and dressed in the morning! And I have always thought that that really shows. I have been trying to make a bit more effort to wear different things from my wardrobe though and mix and match a bit more interestingly. So thanks for noticing and commenting. I really appreciate it!


I think you always look lovely. J "

 And she said:


"Really yes!


To me you stand out in your own way. One doesn't have to 'dress up'. You either have it or you don't.  And you have that special something that gives you a 'different, often model-like magazine look'.  See, what comes naturally usually works the best!


You're definitely one of those people (with styleJ) that I will remember! When I leave."


I am not sure I agree with her, but how lovely is that. I was actually feeling a bit fat and bloated and blah today (PMS!?), but that totally made my day! J Isn't it nice when people take the time to give you a meaningful compliment?

Silly Hat day - 19 Oct 2012

We are working damn hard at work these days. There is a lot of stress and pressure and demands and the deadlines are tight and the consequences of missing them or making mistakes is scary… But that said we do still try to have fun and our efforts are noticed and rewards and we are encouraged to have fun in between the work. A work-hard play-hard ethos. So Friday was 'Sill Hat Day' and being me I embraced it with gusto.

I didn't realize it was a competitive event else I would have gone all out, but as it was I won 3rd place…..

Because life is serious enough, wear a SILLY HAT to work in Friday 19 Oct 2012

A big thank you to all who participated in the SILLY HAT day!!

 The winners are…. 
3rd Place:
Jane Fraser

So this is what I looked like…. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Goodnight Sweetheart

I had a pencil in my mouth last night while I was searching for something, and I said 'Goodnight sweetheart' to Quinn as he walked off to bed. He paused came back into the room and said 'Did you just say "Goodnight retard"??' 
:twisted: 8) :lol:

*snort laugh* But see how easy it is to offend someone completely inadvertently and unintentionally, when you are ACTUALLY trying to be nice? What is SAID and what is HEARD can be entirely different! Wow, no wonder relationships are so hard! LOL

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Quinn's poem about Griffin

My dear darling oldest child emailed this 'poem' to me tonight...

What a lovely brother he is!?


holy !

it it smells like !

it looks like !

it feels like !

that means its....GRIFFIN!!!! !