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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pap Smear - abnormal *karma needed pls*

Please spare a thought for me...

In January I had a routine pap smear done.
It came back as having 'abnormal cells'. I was told not to worry as it was most likely nothing, but to have a repeat pap in 6-months to double-check confirm.

I went for the follow-up on Friday. It has come back iffy again showing 'abnormal cells' on my cervix, so my sample has been sent off for more detailed analysis & testing. :? 

I don't want to worry about it too much before I know what the situation is, and if I do need to worry or act on it, but obviously it is in my mind a bit... And I am finding my mind wondering about consequences (with the boys etc etc etc) if it IS a problem. And they are not pleasant thoughts...Meh.

I should find out more on Friday. But please spare a small thought that it is not a big issue. Please.

*update*: I had to go for a colposcopy biopsy - most unpleasant medical experience I have ever endured. It was really not fun. but thankfully the biopsy results showed nothing to be too alarmed about so I just need to make sure I have regular pap smears and keep a look out but otherwise everything is ok! :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Quinn yet another milestone on the journey to adulthood

So on Sunday Quinn wrote a bunch of very specific stuff on our whiteboard shopping list: 
- Gillette Fusion 3D Razor, 
- Shaving Gel, 
- Deodorant, 
- Special Hair Wax,
- blah bah the list went on.
Of course all top of the range expensive stuff.

So we had a discussion about budgeting and cost effectiveness and being a smart consumer, and I agreed that he could have a budget for toiletries that he can manage and then he can decide if he REALLY needs Gillette Fusion (battery operated vibrating) razor, or if a BIC disposable will do etc. He of course decided he must have the vibrating 'cool' one. I explained that once we set the budget he can do what he wants with it, but I won't be buying toiletries he'll need to cover what he needs(wants) with that budget.

We also had a big talk about shaving since he's started getting a darkened 'moustache' area and says some boys at school have started shaving already.

So I said we can talk/think about that and get advice etc and I'd get someone to teach/show him and we would take it from there.

So we drew up a budget spreadsheet and then he was going to research some pricing etc so we could compromise on a reasonable amount.

Last night he came to the shops with me and went off with a notepad to the toiletry section to do his research. He came back saying the Gillette Razor is R120! He went back to look some more and eventually settled on some decent 2-blade disposable razors in a 5-pack for R30 and then found a 2-pack of Shaving Gel for R20 (while the other was R50 for one), a nice toothbrush/toothpaste set for R12 etc.

I agreed we could get the stuff he chose, since he was making wise and frugal decisions and looking at what was on promotion etc, and that we would store it for now.

So what do I find when I got out the bath after we got home..?

The child had decided to go off and shave right then and there! :shock: He was so chuffed with himself and how smooth his face was. :lol: 

So I now have a really large (pretty much taller than me now) size-10-footed, face-shaving child. Just when and how did that happen?!? I mean really. Yesterday he was small and cute and only 6!!!

This is all happening really fast!

Anyone else have shavers??

Thursday, 25 July 2013


So ever since we moved to this side of the building in May, once or twice a week we get a very distinctive TOAST smell here around mid-day. It smells quite nice!

Today I finally asked who is making toast and where the toaster is..? Only for the old-hats to tell me that's the smell from the crematorium down the road!!!

Flip, dead people smell delicious. So now I can't decide if the small makes me hungry or should put me off lunch!