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Thursday, 27 March 2008

High on the Parlotones

I got to see the Parlotones again last night... that's 4 times I have seen them live now and I love them more each time.

I love love love them... as in a LOT. I know every word and sing along like a loon. *grin*

Last night they were at the Willowbridge Barnyard Theatre in Cape Town, and they did an awesome double set including (not in this order, there were too many to remember the sequence):
I'm Only Human
Window Shopper
Baby Be Mine
Perfect Place
Bird In Flight
Giant Mistake
Dragonflies & Astronauts
The Sun Comes Out
Radio Controlled Robot
I'll Be There
Disappear Without a Trace
Funny Face
Here Comes the Man
An old song: Long Way Home and
A cover of Koos Kombuis's Lisa Se Klavier

How frikken rocking is that set!?

I now have both my CDs autographed by all the band members, and have a t-shirt....and pics with Kahn!!!


Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy First Birthday Baby M!!!

Can you believe it baby M is a big strapping baby boy now, and is one year old!?

Many of you will remember his journey...

He was born at 28 weeks after my friend went into preterm labour (on the Anniversary of me losing Angelique to preterm labour). I stayed with her as her doula over 2 days while she laboured almost continuously, despite attempts to stop the labour, and he was finally born at just 1.16ks. He was born at Groote Schuur government hospital.

The whole story is here:

Well this is him today!

I am so amazed, impressed, and proud of how wonderfully well he is doing. He and his parents are fighters and have shown tremendous strength, determination, courage and character.

This is M from birth to 1 year old.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

My 'date' with Quinn

Quinn & I went out together last night and had a fab time!

We went to see the Ennio Marchetto show. He is really excellent and Quinn declared it to be 'pretty cool!'.
You can see what he does HERE
Alone on stage and without any help backstage, he changes character almost every minute, often in front of the audience without the need to hide behind drapes.

All his costumes, wigs and props are bi-dimensional and made out of paper and cardboard. They flip and fold to change from one character to another.

His site is here:
and wikipedia article

It's well worth going to see.

Afterwards, I asked Quinn what he wanted for dinner and he said SUSHI. YAY!!! So we went out for sushi. Ultra-yum.
Quinn is a dating natural. He can select of the menu & order with skill. He knows how to eat with chopsticks. He can add up the bill mentally, and knows how much to tip!

He even shared his ice-cream & bow tie without a single sulk. I think I am training him well! Wink

Thanks for a lovely evening big boy.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Happy 10th Birthday my baby angel.

We love you.
As usual we celebrated her birthday by climbing Lion's Head to visit her tree, and connect with nature, the beauty of Cape Town, our feelings and our family.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Marine Recruit - Basic Training

I have been on a bit of a get-fit mission recently, so in addition to my usual run, I have been coming in and doing some push-ups and sit-ups.

Now the sit-ups/crunches I am not too bad at, but push-ups I pretty much suck at - even when I try them the 'girl' way - resting on knees instead of feet.

So last week after Quinn watched me trying to do some push-ups really shockingly, he decided he would show me how it's done...

I had NO idea he even knew how to do a push-up, and I must say I was very impressed with his form! However he does need to work on his stamina.... 1 , 2 , 3 FLOOR!

Anyway here is my progress. Not bad for an old bat huh!?

High as a Kite

The boys were given kites by my dad for their belated Christmas presents, and a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon I took them off to try them out for the first time.

It was perfect weather and we went down to Blouberg, where there was a steady gentle sea breeze ideal for kite flying. Both boys were flying their kites skillfully in no time. A friend of mine, who had joined us, showed Quinn how to loop his kite, which he has been able to do really well since. It was a wonderful day out, and the kites have proved to be great gifts.

The next week I saw the movie The Kite Runner. About boys and kites. It was a fitting movie and it was wonderful to see these kites flying and looping and 'dog fighting' after just learning how to do it. Special times.

Moerse Spider. In.My.House.

So I just found a mother of a spider in our spare room....

Anyone know anything about spiders???

WTF is that and should I be worried?!

/me scared to get into bed now...

Q also lost a tooth recently

Quinn lost tooth number 6 a few weeks back.

It came out just before I got home and he played with me by removing and replacing it several times stealthily...until I noticed.

Another Big Boy Milestone

Griffin had a Milestone last week.

He lost his first tooth!

It's been wiggly for a while and after bumping it 3-4 times within a few days it finally gave out when he and Quinn collided while he was swimming. He was initially upset until he realised the tooth had come out and then, well excitement reined!Of course a letter/picture was dutifully created for the Tooth mouse and was tucked into the special Tooth mouse pillow at bedtime. The Mouse arrived during the night and deposited 2 shiny R5 coins.

Our baby is growing up!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Thanks to the BN ladies I found this app

It's a clever tool that allows you to crop your face into a celeb's body & hairdo... It just gave me a few smiles and giggles, something I haven't had a lot of recently.

So here are some of my hairmixes:
Let's see yours then.... Try it, it's fun!