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Sunday, 23 March 2008

My 'date' with Quinn

Quinn & I went out together last night and had a fab time!

We went to see the Ennio Marchetto show. He is really excellent and Quinn declared it to be 'pretty cool!'.
You can see what he does HERE
Alone on stage and without any help backstage, he changes character almost every minute, often in front of the audience without the need to hide behind drapes.

All his costumes, wigs and props are bi-dimensional and made out of paper and cardboard. They flip and fold to change from one character to another.

His site is here:
and wikipedia article

It's well worth going to see.

Afterwards, I asked Quinn what he wanted for dinner and he said SUSHI. YAY!!! So we went out for sushi. Ultra-yum.
Quinn is a dating natural. He can select of the menu & order with skill. He knows how to eat with chopsticks. He can add up the bill mentally, and knows how much to tip!

He even shared his ice-cream & bow tie without a single sulk. I think I am training him well! Wink

Thanks for a lovely evening big boy.

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