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Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy First Birthday Baby M!!!

Can you believe it baby M is a big strapping baby boy now, and is one year old!?

Many of you will remember his journey...

He was born at 28 weeks after my friend went into preterm labour (on the Anniversary of me losing Angelique to preterm labour). I stayed with her as her doula over 2 days while she laboured almost continuously, despite attempts to stop the labour, and he was finally born at just 1.16ks. He was born at Groote Schuur government hospital.

The whole story is here:

Well this is him today!

I am so amazed, impressed, and proud of how wonderfully well he is doing. He and his parents are fighters and have shown tremendous strength, determination, courage and character.

This is M from birth to 1 year old.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


  1. Wow, can't believe he's 1 already!! He's very cute!

  2. wowo wot a great follow up.