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Thursday, 20 December 2007

We've been tagged - 8 things Usus

Ok I've been tagged twice for this Meme now, by Jeanette and Shuia, or more accurately Quinn & Griffin have been tagged by Connor & Luka.

Each player makes a list of eight random facts/habits about themselves.

At the end of your list, choose five (it was eight but that's too hard) people to to tag and list their names.

Leave them a comment on each of their websites to let them know that they have been tagged.

The people tagged will write a post on their own website about their eight things, post these rules, and tag eight others.

I decided since Q&G are old enough to speak for themselves, it would make sense to ask them to dictate this to me, and so they have... their responses follow. And since it's 2 of them, I guess it's an Usus and not a Meme technically ;) ...

- We went to Ratanga this week.
- My big front tooth fell out this month
- I like going to the movies
- I like eating sushi, my favourite puddings are ice cream and chocolate cap, and jelly & custard, and chocolate
- I go a bit crazy if I eat chocolate (Jane, he really does!)
- I love my skateboard that dad got from America, it's really cool
- I don't know what I want to be when I am big, I don't want to be a pilot any more.. I might crash the plane into a mountain!
- I like opening presents, I rip the paper off them and throw them in my brother's face and then I laugh

- I like wearing short clothes
- I like eating pizza
- I love my scooter what mommy got me.
- I like swimming. I can do bomb drops, I can dive, I can do a belly flop, I like going right under the water
- I love swimming in the sea and playing in the garden and playing with a ball outside
- I am happy about presents for Christmas and opening our crackers
- I like my bunk bed
- I like eating sweeties

We are tagging:
- Jason
- Victoria
- Connor
- Joe
- Fifi
You can participate or not as you like, no pressure ;)


  1. I will get Victoria to do this on the weekend.:)

  2. Such fun to be able to get them to dictate the list to you.
    Was the list easy for them to rattle off?
    Sounds like you're going to have fun at Xmas with all the ripping of paper :)

  3. oh geez, i only noticed now that you tagged Connor.

    I will get him to answer this tonight. :-) He is going to love this.