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Monday, 10 December 2007

Nokia Trends Lab - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Richard and I went to the Nokia Trends Lab Cape Town event which was held at the Grand West Grand Arena on Friday night.

It could have been an awesome awsome event... but sadly the turn out was pretty poor, there were sounds and other issues, and so although it was enjoyable it was far from knock-your-socks-off fantabulous....

Still the line up was good and we got to see Louise Carver (she was very good, and she is tiny!), Love Jones (Still think they rock and 'Miss Jones' came and took a photo with us, I previously said she was a bit scary after Rocking the Daisies, but now I think she is just cool and very funky), The Dirty Skirts (Love love love them!), Roger Goode (always good as the name implies) and Kevin Grenfell (he was better than Roger on the night I think) performing up close and personal and also saw Barney Simon (looking good for what... 85 now? ;) ) and Catherine (she rocks and is looking HOT) from 5fm.

Also playing were: Union of Knives, 1st Project (yummy topless drumming performers, quite impressive), DJ Jarren C, Killer Robots (also good) , DJ Twisted Ash.Love Jones Lead Singer Doing an acoustic version of 'Kicks'.

And The Ugly?? We got snapped by


  1. I LOVE Roger Goode. But I think you know that. ;-)

  2. Yep, Roger rocks. Always. He nearly finished me off at last year's MCQP. He makes it look so easy too. He was a little too 'hey I'm a celeb look at me' on Saturday though and so Kevin Grenfell won the DJ play-off battle IMO by trying harder and not posing as much. ;)

  3. What a pity it was such a poor turnout - there's always a better atmosphere if there are more people.
    I absolutely love 1st Project...they are very yummy and the drumming is also awesome to listen to. It sounds like a fun evening!