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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Spar Ladies Race Results - FINALLY

Well the Spar Ladies Race results are FINALLY out - a full month later.

I had actually started thinking there would be no official results for this event. But after giving up, suddenly here they are!

The full listings can be viewed HERE.

This is a reminder of how I did last year.


Spar Ladies Race 2006:
Total number of 10km finishers = 4351
- Me - #469 = 00:58:12 - so I just missed the top 10%.

So on to the Cape Town Spar Ladies Race 2007:

Total number of 10km finishers this year = 3957 (less than last year)

#1 - 0:34:20 Seriously fit!
#3957 - 02:08:24 - that's a walk in the park ...

#204 = 00:54:16 - so I shaved nearly 4 minutes off my time, even though the course was tougher than last year. This year I finished in the top 5.5% :)

I am very happy with that! I really enjoyed the race this year, and I even LOOK like I was having fun in the photo!


  1. Well done Jane
    Is that you in the photo?
    Nice pic

  2. WTG Jane!!!! And you look amazing in that photo!

  3. Well done!! Melany is right, you look fantastic in that photo :)

  4. Well done Jane! You do look like you are having a great time!

  5. Hi all. Thanks for the compliments. I love that race. Anyone gonna join me next year??

    Fiona - yep that's me :)