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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Le Week-end a Retrospective

Todays' thoughts.

1) The boys were with their dad this week-end. Both boys were away for 2 whole nights! I think this was the first time this has happened since we split up. It was long overdue. I had the whole week-end to myself with only two commitments; the school games evening on Friday, where I had volunteered for the tuck shop and then wasn't needed so just had 2 drinks saw the boys off and then left, and the other was a fun social one on Saturday night. More below...

2) I went to the new Claremont gym on Saturday morning. Oh my word it is lovely! REALLY nice in fact. I ran there, so had nothing with me but, I will definitely be back with a swim suit to try out the jet bath and swimming pools etc. They look fab! In the mean time I tried the brand new equipment which is very fancy and nice, stretched myself to death on some stretching machines and then I discovered.... the Power Plate! WOW. It is fun, fun, fun. In fact I enjoyed it so much I went back again today. I stayed on between 30-45 minutes each day and I am actually quite sore and stiff already. Although I did a lot of dynamic stuff on it and I didn't just stand there, it didn't feel like I was working THAT hard. So it seems to be effective. And I must say sitting on it not half unpleasant! ;)

3) I did weigh myself there, at the Health Zone. Well yesterday it said I weighed '36kgs'... and now today I am '163'. I didn't think I ate and drank THAT much last night. LOL. Anyway I found a scale in the bathroom, and despite a clear redistribution of weight on me - my bum, thighs, flanks and face ARE fatter, and I probably have less muscle - I have only put on about 2kgs. YAY!!!! Knowing me as I start to exercise I will put another one before any starts going away. But still I was expecting 5 or more kilos, in fact I was hoping it would be limited to 5, so I am actually pleased! Yipee.

4) I am feeling a lot better about myself again. Having some time to myself, to just be quiet and think has been great. I have had some exercise, sun, fresh air, peace and quiet. With no demands on me. I really needed that. I feel centred again.
5) Last night Lisa (B for those that know her) and I went to see The Parlotones at the Barnyard. We went to Col Cacchio for a pizza before the show - I had butternut, Gorgonzola and pumpkin seeds on mine. YUM. The show was really good and Lisa is always a hoot. She has no shame and will say and do anything. We had such a chuckle at 'Prom Barbie' and took quite a few photos of her and her ample bosoms and full view up her blue sparkly 'rokkie' while pretending we were taking self portraits of ourselves. It was very silly but very funny. We had great seats in the second row. The show comprised of local band One Sock Thief, who were actually not bad, and then UK act Star Sailor who were pretty good - and they had a really funny base player who was really good despite appearing drunk or mentally disturbed in some way. Then The 'Tones who always rock a LOT. I love them long time (it was my 5th time seeing them). My only complaint is that the crowd was too tame, I wanted to go wild and dance in the aisles!
6) Roxy has been really good. I thought she might be naughty from being bored while the boys have been away, but she has been a perfect little companion and has been a star. I have taken her to the park after running back from the gym on both days and she happily trots along next to me, and then frolics in the park, and then comes to me for some rough and tumble. At home she'll lie quietly in the room I am in. She is not really demanding at all. When she has been left alone at home, when I get back she is waiting patiently in her basket.

7) I need to temper my wit and argumentativeness. At work on Friday we had some sessions with our CEO. He said he does not discriminate against people at all, not with colour, gender, age etc etc, he said the only thing he discriminates with is 'ability'. Before I could stop myself I said 'Oh so you discriminate against DISabled people?'. It was completely in jest and he took it in good spirits, but he had to back pedal quickly. LOL. I am terrible. There was a similar but more funny incident earlier in the week during our SCRUM planning session when my most conservative colleague said 'What's your title?'. I was like 'Huh? In what context?' and before he had a chance to explain that he meant in the Scrum context (where I am Product Owner btw) I pipped up, 'Um... 'Mistress'!?'. Which of course set a delinquent mood for the rest of the session. I have promised them I will be getting a whip soon! Heehee.

8) It is official my kids are rather loud. They are home now, and it is not calm and relaxed here anymore... sigh. Oh well it was good while it lasted. Let me brace myself ;)

9) Oh I might have an opportunity to go Shark Cage Diving in 2 week's time. I was invited in passing on Friday.. . and thinking about it I am thinking 'Why the hell not!?' It could be awesome, and it is certainly a once in a life time opportunity, and it seems like a pretty fun - and hard core crowd. So I am pretty psyched at the possibility. I am not sure if I will materialise, but if the opportunity is there, I am going to go for it!

10) There are a busy few weeks coming up. Should be lots of fun, and lots of hard work, and no doubt rather tiring.

11) I am planning to do the Old Mutual 10km Night Race on Wednesday evening.

12) Last but not least the weather in Cape Town has been simply spectacular this week-end. It was perfect. My swimming pool is sparkly clean (btw I ROCK at pool maintenance!) and my garden is looking lovely.

That's it for now. Hope everyone has had a great week-end.


  1. Your weekend sounds FANTASTIC!! I am so glad!!!

    LOL I know the feeling when the kids are gone and return the noise shocks me!!

  2. Glad you're doing well, my friend.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend.