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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Mitchell's Brewery 10km Sundowner Blew

So last year I did the Mitchell's Brewery 10km Sundowner Race and found it very tough.

I did it again tonight and it was just as tough. This is NOT an easy race despite the flat course. The trouble it is HOT, generally windy and late in the day when you are already tired. Last year's race was the first time I wanted to seriously give up on a race and I felt similar tonight.

The wind was PUMPING tonight... like REALLY pumping, blowing at over 40km/h!! That makes for difficult running, add to that the heat and it makes for not so much fun. Like a twit I challenged half the world to compete with me for this race tonight. Thankfully most people were sensible enough to come up with excuses not to do it - else I would have had to get a second mortgage probably after all my smack talking about buying beers for the people who can beat me - but Morne is always game (or stupid enough) for a challenge so he was there, and so were Adele, and Bennie.

My time was a full 2 minutes slower than last year. I finished in 56:30. But then I stopped and walked for a minute or so at around 4.5 and 7km, and then had a pee break at about 5.5km, so I really wasted time. Silly, but necessary at the time.

Still I klapped Morne's time by 1:20 and beat Adelle by 2:something. So welakapela! :P

As usual, because you inevitably have a drink or 12 (no I only had one tonight) the pain and anguish is soon forgotten and you remember it as 'fun', so I will no doubt be back for the torture next year again. Go me!

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  1. You go gurl!!! well done on your time despite the conditions...WAY TO GO!!!