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Monday, 24 August 2009

I've been relegated

So I seem to have officially lost my status as 'Mommy' now.
My 2 have been hesitantly switching to 'Mom' from 'Mommy' recently, to see how it feels and what reaction they'll get from me I think.

Now as of this week-end I seem to be officially 'Mom' to Quinn now and Griff calls me 'Moms' - which I actually love :)

It is strangely sad for me though because while I am not a Mommy (erm Mom) to resist, and get particularly teary about, my children growing up and reaching milestones, this one is significant for me. I had always longed to be a 'Mommy', and hearing my babies say 'Mommy' is one of the most awesome parts of motherhood for me. It is just so endearing and encompasses all of motherhood in my mind. 'Mom' to me denotes independence and self-sufficiency. I am no longer their all. I am simply 'Mom' now.
It's not bad at all, it's just a sign that my babies are pretty grown up now!


  1. At least it can't change from here on. You'll always be their "mom" no matter wot.

  2. I was relegated years ago then! mine have never really done Mommy!

    Kiara does it when she is teasing her brother and needs help :)

  3. :D
    I didn't notice when the knucklehead switched.

  4. a rose by any other name ..... xxx

  5. It's a bit sad, but I actually prefer it.