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Thursday, 17 June 2010

He may be deaf and blind...

But his spirit is fighting strong as always!

Quinn had his 3rd eye test on Monday, as his specs needed a minor repair and I wanted to make sure his eyesight is ok, what with all the hearing challenges he has now, and with his next op soon after which he'll be largely hearing impaired while his 'good' ear is bandaged up.

2 years ago when he got his first specs he was tested as:
-1.5 RHS & -1.5 LHS

Last year he was tested again and had deteriorated to:
-3.0 RHS & -2.5 LHS

The latest test shows another deterioration in his eye sight, he could hardly read ANY of the wall chart without his specs, even LARGE characters, his new readings are:
-3.5 RHS & -3.0 LHS

Poor guy. Thankfully he has no issue with wearing glasses and very swiftly selected a new frame which he likes and the new spaces are ordered. He joked with me about being 'deaf and blind' now.

On the way out the center he wanted me to buy him a treat and when I said no the little shit smirked and said, 'But I'm DISABLED!'

That boy has more chutzpah than pretty much anyone I know. He is incredible. I am on a Cholesteatoma support group and some of the stories of the kids freaking out after their ops is quite alarming, based on this and how amazed his ENT is at his maturity I am really astounded at how well my little guy copes (almost too well iykwim?).

His next op is going to be before the end of the month date still TBC, but the doc wants to do it before July, and the Tygerberg Prof is going to assist and advise too.



  1. He surely has enough spunk. My little L's one eye is at -6.0 and a third of it is totally blind.

  2. He is SUCH an awesome kid. You are doing well raising them