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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Our gift of life & furthering medical science

I am a registered organ donor and one day I happened to mention it to the boys, when the subject of death and burial came up somehow. I ended up asking them how they felt abut organ donation and whether it is something they are comfortable with and would support themselves.

I told them that I'd like whatever of mine is usable to be used to help people in need and I would like the rest to be cremated.

Griffin agrees with this and says he'd like the same for himself.

Quinn however said he'd like to donate his entire body to medical science so that "It can be used to help people to learn and to improve science & technology." Wow, I was kinda blown away by that!
Have you signed up yet?


  1. WE are organ donars too and in Australia you get a credit card type card to carry in your wallet as proof, but now some people recon will the Dr's then bother to try and save you if they can rather salvage your organs for more than one person? So I keep mine at home now and IF my husband ever gets asked the question he'll say Yes, she's happy to be a donar.