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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#Moonlightmass 2.0 of 2013

Last Monday was full moon which means it was #Moonlightmass!

I have blogged about #Moonlightmass before as I attended few of the events last year. Each one being memorable and great fun. Last Monday was also an info evening for the Grade 7 parents about High School and also #Moonlightmass had arrange a FREE train on the Southern Line for cyclists to use to get to town. Yay no bike rack and heavy lifting and schlep (ASSIDE: why is it that driving seems further and more effort to me than either running or cycling does? It's a bit odd hey?) Anyhoo I thought I timing was going to be tight because the train was scheduled to arrive a mere 15 min after the meeting was due to end and I thought we'd have to rush there. Quinn and I cycled to the school meeting and Quinn waited with the bikes ready to up and GO the minute I got out of the meeting so we'd not miss the train.

As it turned out the meeting was quick quick and over in under 30 mins. So we had PLENTY of time. So much in fact and the evening was so beautiful that I convinced Quinn to cycle to Observatory instead of waiting for the train in Rondebosch. It was an awesome cycle in a perfect evening and by the time we got to the Riverclub in Obs we decided to sommer cycle the WHOLE way to town (about 15km). So we did. Through Obs, Salt River, Woodstock (yes past the infamous Gympie Street), past the Station and on to Greenpoint. Where we arrived around the time the train would have arrived in Rondebosch. As a reward I took Quinn to McDonalds for a dinner date. Which he of course LOVED. At 9 we went out to the Circle and joined the rest of the #Moonlightmass mob – including A, and did the ride. It was a wonderful still and balmy evening and was really enjoyable. Afterwards we went to the Mexican Kitchen off Long Street for Beer, margaritas and fajitas. We had such a good time we nearly missed our 11pm curfew to catch the train back!

Quinn and I dashed (the wrong way) back down long street and zooted through to the station where we rode right onto the platform on our bikes. The station and train was staffed with really happy, friendly and professional Metrorail staff who were really helpful. They took and stowed our bikes for us and ushered us into a carriage (very clean, neat and comfy) and we bumped into some friends. The train journey back was festive and efficient. We jumped off at our stop and our bikes had been taken out and were ready for us to hope on wave good bye and cycle the 3km home. The streets of our neighbourhood were dead calm and quite. Not a car was to be seen or heard, not a dog was barking, or even a leaf rustling. It was a perfect moonlit evening.

Quinn and I had such a lovely time chatting and bonding. It was fabulous!

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