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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Incredible India - Day 6 - Alleppey Houseboating

Following Day 5: We got up and had breakfast and then found that our private house boat had arrived.

We had a fully equipped 2 bed-roomed house boat. Basically you spend about 24 hours cruising Lake Vamanabad on one of these big beautiful floating boats. We had TV, a dinning area, lounge on the deck, and en suite bathrooms with showers and flush toilets. It was lovely.

We cruised for a few hours and then stopped on the banks to be served a delicious lunch. Then cruising on again for a few hours before stopping at the over night spot. All the boats have to be moored for the night.

We did some clowning around on deck, waving to passing boats etc. A dared the boys and I to moon the next boat that passed. In fact I think he bet us Rs1000 each to do it... (Really as if money was needed to convince us!) :)

The boys wanted to swim in the lake. I tried to protest but they prevailed and I relented  I means what's the worst that could happen (yeah I know they could have contracted a dreaded disease and died... oh well at least they wouldn't have been bored and moaning!). Even the boat crew were incredulous that they were swimming in THAT water. Although to be fair the locals and even the boat crew DO use the lake to wash, so really how bad can it be?

A and I got of the boat and decided to try take a walk around, but there wasn't very far we could go and when we spotted a large snake we thought it might be better to stay near the boat after all!

We played a bit of make shift cricket with the crew of another nearby boat before it got too dark and then we retired to our own boat for the evening. There was more yummy food and poker playing on the cards again.

Next morning we cruised up and down some channels, I did a bit of yoga on the front deck, and we chilled and relaxed, and finally reached our landing spot in Alleppey where it was time to get off and travel to Ernakulam which would be the focus of Day 7.

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