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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Friday, 11 March 2016



Angry that Tokai Forest is no longer safe. That a place which for decades and decades has been a fun, free and safe place for all types to hang out and relax and exercise and socialise is now a place of fear. Where our daughters are savagely raped and brutally murdered.

Angry that Newlands Forest/Rhodes Memorial/UCT is no longer safe. Places where people go to STUDY and also to exercise, unwind and clear their heads are no longer safe. Our women and friends are hunted down like game, battered, abducted, held hostage, raped and relentlessly attacked.

Angry that places of basic sanitation and hygiene are not safe. Places where people are forced to go, to perform the basic human ablutions, are now filled with fear with terror. Where girls will be aggressively raped, strangled and murdered in cold blood... And left for the next person to find when they come to use the toilet.

Angry that friends find their daughters drugged and raped in their homes when they get home....


I am angry, and I want change.

I will be joining a group of ordinary moms who are sick of this shit, and sick of our girls, sisters and friends being raped and murdered and ultimately devalued.

We'll be gathering in Khayelitsha on Saturday to stand in solidarity for the girls losing their lives there. Because every life matters and even ONE lost is too many!

So I am turning my sadness, shock and horror into anger and action and doing SOMETHING.
Are you?

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