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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Natey's Red Cross Memorial Plaque

We were invited to visit the Red Cross Children's hospital and to tour the facilities and especially the cardiac unit. 

An in-memorium plaque was placed in the memorial garden at the Red Cross Children's hospital in honour of Natey and in thanks for the fund received in his name which will be used towards helping other children with Childhood Heart Disease. 

About R60 000 was donated in his name. We sincerely thank each and every one who donated and who helped save or better the life of another child.

 Natey's plaque was placed next to Doc Ollie's plaque. 

Us with Pauline, the Children's Trust donations coordinator.
Natey's Plaque
Doc Ollie and Natey's in-memoriam plaques placed along-side each other
The hospital memorial garden
Cake (with stars!) & Sunflowers for the hospital staff.
All images on Natey's FB page here.

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  1. That must've been such a tough day. Lots of love.