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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

To Natey on your 4th birthday

Today would have been your fourth birthday dearest boy. I wonder how you would have looked now?

Is still imagine you with your beautiful golden curls. I wonder if they would have stayed, as you grew and got haircuts? I am sure your big beautiful brown eyes would still be bright and sparkling with delight and energy.

I imagine you being excited about your birthday, especially the cake. You loved the idea of birthday cake. You and Minda would enjoy the cake the most! (I loved the way when you ate something really yummy you would close your eyes and really savour the taste.) I am sure you would still be totally in love with Minda. She is still so kind and caring, and fun and beautiful as you remember her (but a bit sadder, like all of us).

I imagine that you would be the center of attention at school today on your special day, with cupcakes for the class. You'd probably be a little shy, but would actually love it. 

I imagine what and who you would be now. How big you'd be at 4 years old. Not a little baby any more. You'd still be so talkative, active and excited by things. I think you'd still take such delight in life.

I imagine you'd still be the complete love of our lives and our sun - which we'd still all revolve around. 

I wonder what you would like now? Still bikes and trucks?  What sort of party would you have wanted..?

Daddy and I, and Quinn and Griffin too, are sad that we can't have a fun day celebrating with you today. But know that we will be thinking of you all day. We will have a small celebration of your life as a family later and will be sure to have some cake or ice-cream for you.

We miss you every day sweet boy. Happy 4th birthday.

Love Mommy.

This is how I remember you my sweet charming characterful beautiful boy. ❤️


  1. Happy birthday sweet boy. Hugs to all of you, Jane xx

  2. Happy birthday Natey. I miss you so much from this Earth. Sadness and tears mixed with so much love. You are just so so loved.

  3. Thank you Mandy. I so wish Natey and Rory could still be here. Where they belong. ❤️💔