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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Last night I heard Quinn talking to Griffin, relaying something from his cub camp out. He said, "Todd's GAY"

I asked why, and he told me Todd turned and looked at another boy while they were making a wee. I asked him if he knows what gay means, he thought and then said, "Happy...... and SICK"

So we had a little talk about what it means to be gay, and that yes it can mean you are happy, but it also has another meaning. Also that just because a 7 year old watched another boy wee, does not make him gay. I also explained that being gay does NOT mean you are in any way sick - neither of mind nor body. And told him about how people are different.

Mostly girls like boys and boys like girls, but sometimes boys like boys, and girls like girls. I told him that 2 men can love each other and then they can even decide to get married, and sleep in the same bed. He asked "Like Randy & Earl?" (from My Name Is Earl). "Well no, they are brothers... but kind of like that."

I also told them that some of our friends are gay. Hopefully I managed to explain that right... ;)


  1. This is a difficult one. I have a great friends who are a gay couple and they are both moms to their twins. The one mom gave her eggs and the other carried the babies. We visited the other day and I was glad my girls didn't ask any questions. I suppose I need to chat to Daniel in more depth about gay people but need to get my own head ready 1st. I have always been a 'fag hag' which is at odds with my Christianity of course. Hey, blog fodder !

  2. ah. um. well...I have NO clue what to tell you here because i made my sister talk to my nieces about people like me...

  3. I think your explanation was perfect Jane....well done, I don't think I would have summed it up quite so well. It makes perfect sense :)

  4. I think you explained it well.