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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Landmark's Fun Run - 3rd time lucky

The kids and I did the Landmarks Fun Run this morning. Or rather I did the 6km fun run and they did the 750m Kiddies Race.

This was my first ever running race 2 years ago, and I ran it again last year.

I woke the boys up at 5:45am this morning, and we all got dressed and ready and were at WPCC by 6:30. It was cold thanks to the driving wind that just won't stop.

I have had a cold all week (so did no exercise at all on Tues, Wed or Thursday because of it) and was feeling a bit phlegmy and chesty this morning, but I decided I could manage the 6km course anyway. It's in our neighbourhood, so I know the terrain and route well.

Anyway, I managed to get myself right to the front at the start, so had no dawdlers to contend with. I set off and it was ok, although I was feeling like I couldn't fill my lungs properly and this blooming Cape Town gale made the whole second half back a bit tough. I managed to push through without stopping to walk once. I didn't have a stop watch with me this time but finished in somewhere between 30-32 minutes. I did it in 35 mins the first year and 31:20 last year, so my time was pretty similar to last year. But as I finished the guy handing out the medals said 'Well done, you're the 4th lady finishing'. Wow I CAME 4th! **

This is the boys and I after I finished. They were playing on the jungle gym and came to wait at the finish a few minutes before I finished (Quinn had his watch (the stop watch) so I told him what time to expect me). It was the first time I had supporters at the end of a race. Nice!

Then it was time for the kiddies 750m race. Quinn was ready and willing:

Griffin was not feeling that strong, and had insisted slip slops would be fine! He was panting dramatically when I took the photo, even though he was having fun. In fact he said when he is 8 he wants to do the 6km run with me!

It was a fun morning. Afterwards we bought huge croissants on the way home and pigged out on those

I think a nap on the couch may be on the cards for later. Ahh! :)

** I think I must mention that all the REAL runners do the proper 21.1km half marathon, so the fun run is more the dregs... but there did seem to be a good few club runners and seriously fit looking people.

These photos of me in action are courtesy of Lindy:


  1. Wow - well done on coming go girl :)
    Just imagine if you were feeling 100 %?

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

  2. That's fantastic Jane!! Well done on 4th place!