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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Day of Good News : Bad News

Today has been filled with good news vs. bad news.

I gave up on my laptop last night when it just froze and refused to reboot and then I found my wireless router dead too. NOOOOOO! I woke up this morning hoping it would magically work again ... but

Bad News - Laptop still wouldn't turn on.

Good New - it finally did! YAY. After some man handling, praying (yes I did!) and cursing.
Good News - last night I managed to update all AV (3, yes I have 3 programs for anti-virus, anti-spy-bot and anti-malware) programs before it froze.
Good News - got them all up and scanning away industriously before I left this morning

Bad News - This meant I didn't leave home very early, despite my best intentions of getting to the voting polls nice and early.

Good News - had good 3km run to voting station.

Bad News - I only got there at 08:55
Bad News - LONG queue already
Bad News - very SLOW moving queue

Good News - I had my iPOD so just relaxed and listened to music

Bad News - cell battery was almost flat (long phone call last night when my web access and laptop died)
Bad News - the kids were alone at home! (I was intending to just nip out and back and not take too long!)

Good News - I finished voting in 'only' 1.5 hours
Good News - I work 1km from the voting station
Good News - There were people there working today
Good News - My cell charger was there
Good News - I had a good run there
Good News - I pointed and laughed at all the ppl working today (I am evil I know)

Bad News - phoned boys... got no answer! o.O

Good News - phoned neighbour, they were there, happy as larks.
Good News - Neighbours know us well so child welfare had not been called. ;)

Bad News - The boys left the house unlocked.

Good News - I told them to lock it, so they did.
Good News - Boys and neighbour said no need to rush back
Good News - Ran to Cavendish +- 2km
Good News - Popped into Total Sports

Bad News - I was sweaty and stinky (LOL) Poor shop assistants.

Good News - They have MY SHOES, R400 cheaper than I have seen them so far! =) Glee! (I have been drooling over these for weeks and have tried them on about 6 times now, but every time I look at them they are still R1300+. Total Sports has them marked down to R869. That's a huge saving. I MUST have them!!! I have 2 pairs of Asics Cumulus trainers already and they have each done well over 1500km so I do need a new pair, and these shoes rock. No pain, blisters, injuries or physio bills. It's definitely worth getting a good shoe.)

Bad News - They don't have my size :((

Good News - They had even BETTER shoes too... for R999 (instead of R1600)

Bad News - But they were half a size too small. So not quite in my size :`(. I WANTED them! But couldn't justify spending more, especially since they weren't perfect.

Good News - They searched the online stock system and found a pair, in my size, at another branch. :)

Bad News - They are at East Gate in JHB.

Good News - They'll send them down for me!

Bad News - I will cost R35 (But really that's not so bad...)
Bad News - They won' get them here in time for me to be able to wear them at my Half Marathon debut, for the Safari Half (It's ok though, I'll survive.)

Good News - After that I ran to the Claremont gym
Good News - They still had the stuff the boys left there on Sunday. *roll eyes*
Good News - I ran 4km home.
Good News - Came home to find boys alive and well and house secure.
Good News - All virus scans had completed and there were no viruses AT ALL on laptop

Bad News - Had a serious carb craving at lunch time. Oh well did 10km I earned them ;)

Good News - I had a bath to remove stinky and sweaty and de-fuzzed myself.

Bad News - Wireless Router remained DEAD.

Good News - Today was a public holiday so I had time and Canal Walk is always open. So off we went to ferret out a replacement, or even better to fix the one we had.

Bad News - No sooner did we arrive than ex phoned to ask about this evening's visit with the boys. (I mailed him about it yesterday and he did not respond!)
Bad News - He declined offer to collect them from me at Canal Walk. Bugger.

Good News - He said not to rush (too much).

Bad News - Computer Mania guy was not too clued up and could not understand what I was saying about trying to test the faulty unit to establish whether it was just the power supply or the whole thing which was FUBAR. I gave up trying.

Good News - Same dude didn't know much about time zones or the laptop he was trying to help a foreign tourist with. I helped her chop-chop. She was grateful.
Good News - They had replacement wireless routers.

Bad News - Another R650 down.
Bad News - In Canal Walk, must spend money! Ended up in a shoe shop (I am not even a 'shoe person'), spent R270.

Good News - Now have comfy brown boots. *woot*

Bad News - Had to dash home, so boys could see dad.

Good News - Couldn't spend any more money.

Bad News - Ex's cell phone was off when we called to tell him we were on the way home.
Bad News - 7pm came and went and no sign of him. We were home well before 6pm.

Good News - Got my new router set up and connected in literally no time.

Bad News - I can't secure the network though because the published IP address I am supposed to be able to connect to is not working. Ack. (Ag whatever, tomorrow's problem!)

Good News - Q finally got hold of his dad, who said he'd come get them. So off they went.

Bad News - They were back 10-15 mins later... they said dad said he was 'sick' :/

Good News - They got a Steers take-away.
Good News - They are so sweet they shared with me.
Good News - The roses are still looking spectacular and have opened nicely. They must be some of the nicest roses I have ever got. :)
Good News - I am now reclined on the couch, legs up with cup of tea, and connected with my laptop via wireless, YAY! :)

All in all I think there was more good than bad, so the day was a nett positive :)


  1. That's one very busy day... what a lot of running!

  2. Sjoe I was desperately trying to keep track!

  3. Holy mackerel woman! Its a day later and I'm still tired just from reading your tweets!!