Thinking & Feeling

“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Things & Thoughts from the week-end

Sushi is delicious, especially when enjoyed with good company.
Bumping unexpectedly into someone meaningful from your past can not only give you a huge fright but also be quite heart warming.
I play pool really badly, but I don't mind, I enjoy it anyway. Somehow you always meet interesting people and have fun.
I still really like Tequila.
I don't like cigarette smoke.
I love running. I may change my mind after Friday though (Half Marathon D-Day)
Roxy is not normal. She is more than a little mad. She fits in well!
Baraka = WOW!
I love soup. Lots.
I talk. A LOT!
My brain is very busy and in control of me.
Some things do shut me up though. This is very good. My mind needs the break :)
Walking in the rain is nice.
I like laughing and being silly.
I am very thankful for a really special good friend who makes me coffee and pancakes and supports me always, without question.
Drinking wine and listening to music is wonderful.
Foot rubs are one of my favourite things in the world.
The seasons are changing and it is much cooler now. I am enjoying watching and feeling the changes and the feeling of snuggling under a blanket.
Saw a photo of my MOM (in the most unexpected place) I am still shaking my head at this. WEIRD! Unbelievable.
I like day dreaming.
Salmon is simply delicious always.
I seem to be able to at least talk (about practicalities) with my ex now. I am so glad. I would love to have a better relationship with him, and to see him getting on with his life and actually being happy (finally). Hopefully this will come in time. I will keep being patient, and gentle.
I hate upsetting people, or hurting them, at all. It makes me feel bad and can bring me to tears easily. I don't like causing people negative feelings or physical pain, or to be a burden to them in any way.
Lindt Chilli Dark Chocolate - so many ways it can be simply divine.
I feel like I am on a precipice, but I am scared to jump - this time.
I want to look at the view and breathe in the air.
I want to believe in flying.
Or at least know there is someone who will catch me, if I don't fly.


  1. I also love Lindt Chilli Dark Chocolate.

  2. i really liked this post too!!! it made me smile today for the first day. After five days of tears. can you believe it! *sigh*

  3. I don't like soup.
    I don't like dark chocolate.
    Or sushi. LOL

    I do like walking in the rain and laughing and pancakes.

  4. Very interesting list.